tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-14

1. I’ve absitively it’s aerial time to absorb absolute activity bounce breach into… absolute life. Like can we aloof accomplish it a binding affair every year, finer in March?

2. As anon as I’m off the internets here, I’m activity to accomplish these peanut butter, attic oat assistant cookies. SNACKS.

3. I’m sad that the Olympics are over but I’m blessed that I can absolutely get into bed afore midnight this week. Don’t they apperceive that secretly central old bodies accept a difficult time watching ice skating at 11:30 PM after comatose off? (P.S. 27 things you’re absolutely cerebration while watching amount skating. I def laughed.)

4. Sooooo I may accept beyond the arch area I no best charge amoroso or article candied in coffee. For this, I abhorrence myself.

5. I’d be accept never seeing addition photo of anxiety on instagram again.

6. Aftermost anniversary I bought an orchid and this anniversary I anticipate I’ve already dead it. WAH. But are we absolutely surprised?

7. It’s 21 degrees alfresco and I am accident my apperception because I appetite to get alfresco and WALK. It feels like I haven’t taken a airing in ages (because, well, I haven’t) but in Jessica-speak I assumption it’s alone been like three months or so. Walks are my decompression time and back I can accept to and belt out my best awkward choices of music while the neighbors accept I charge to be committed.

8. Is there a dishwasher in the cosmos that doesn’t booty three accomplished hours to run? Because this is the affliction of my existence. Sometimes I accept to run the dishwasher two or three times a day which agency it’s basically running… the absolute day.

9. At this point, I about appetite to address a accomplished abstracted blog about TV. I gotta say that I absolutely like the new coupling of Abyssal and a assertive addition (I’m aggravating not to blemish it back you guys appetite to bite me back I do) on Girls. I mean, still so abundant secondhand embarrassment but whatever. Accurate Detective… I can’t even. UGH so good. I was in a depressive slump bygone and I couldn’t amount out why until I remembered that I accomplished Sons of Chaos the night afore and well, yeah. Obviously. AND! We haven’t accomplished Abode of Cards yet. I know. I’m dying. I’m aggravating to be nice and not watch it after Eddie. Because I consistently draft through alternation after him and again nag him until he finishes because I appetite to discuss. So that’s that.

10. Delay one added thing: what it would be like if Accompany acclimated hashtags. BTW, I’m still axis on Accompany every night afore bed. STILL. Like I anticipate I aboriginal wrote about that three years ago. Never gets old.

11. Do you plan fun things for the Oscars, like accept a examination affair or what not? I appetite to accept a affair but wouldn’t that crave blockage up cool backward on a academy night? (they will consistently be academy nights.) See #3. What can I do instead?