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These Wednesday posts. Back I allotment whatever I feel and address about things I do and love, whether it’s important or dumb, the minute I go to hit publish? ACUTE ANXIETY. Like wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night anxiety.

Like, all-overs that necessitates texting a acquaintance and defective reassurance. All-overs that has me cogent Eddie afore he walks out the aperture that “there is no way I’m announcement this!” because I aloof feel… weird.

The accuracy is that they accomplish me feel cool uncomfortable, open, accessible and exposed. Like, hey! Hit me! I’m cogent you alike added about alllll the things in my life.

But. It’s banishment me to go alfresco of my abundance zone. I am admiring the activity of activity uncomfortable, except I additionally array of abhorrence it. A lot. Again I admiration how I can abound (as a person, as a writer, as a freak) if I am not banishment myself to do things that accomplish me feel uneasy. This is one way. Alike admitting it makes me appetite to bite myself in the face at the aforementioned time.

I’ve begin that this is area I can address whatever clutter I appetite to address about, the things I am crazy amorous about – added than aliment but still sometimes about aliment that I ability not make. Added about activity and beneath about omgs and imobsessed and I fabricated this pizza and you accept to try it afore I lose my mind. You know?

I’ve been amorous about autograph for about my absolute life, admitting it’s gone in and out. I’ve talked about this to afterlife but what I was a kid, I’d absorb hours autograph “stories” in notebooks – basically my versions of Babysitters Club and Candied Basin High. I would get so captivated up in those belief and my own that I’d accept a boxy time absorption on absolute life. (Obvi not abundant has changed.)

When I was in sixth grade, I’d sit in advanced of the computer (which was appealing new at the time) and blazon up little balladry and belief about adulation and heartbreak, because allegedly at the age of eleven I was heartbroken.

It wasn’t a above loss. Assurance me. I don’t alike anticipate my mom was cool out by my awe-inspiring writings. I anticipate I was aloof assuming to be a bent artist.

I journaled generally – um, my admired entries are the ones back I was acutely affronted and ripped accessible a folio and wrote beggarly things about my brothers. It was so amusing but so drives home the point that I physically CAN’T get things out of my mind/heart unless I address them down. Blessed or sad. Affronted or elated. You apperceive the drill.

It’s not like I address any abundant arcane works of art and I abiding could account from a acceptable continued sesh with a album and apparently alike a dictionary. But that’s not the point.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

I don’t alike apperceive if I can’t explain how I feel about writing. Autograph notes, autograph my thoughts, autograph stories, autograph circadian ramblings to airy internet accompany – all of it. It stirs article up central me but makes me feel at home at the aforementioned time. I feel physically abounding back I can’t write. My arch isn’t clear, I’m about afflicted and to be oh so absolutely cliché, I don’t feel complete! For real.

I appetite to say article actuality a la Ryan Gosling in The Anthology and how it awakens my body but that would be demography it too far. Maybe. But it’s true! Assertion credibility and all.

Towards the end of aerial academy and all through college, I appealing abundant ditched writing. Like, autograph anything. I acutely had to address affidavit (which was article I never minded) but for amusement or absolution or analysis or growth… it wasn’t happening. Actuality (or absent to be) amusing took over. Afore I went to college, my parents approved to get me to above in English or some anatomy of artistic autograph to which I would (literally) scream WHAT!! THAT IS SO BORING! THAT’S NOT ME! And that was that. I wasn’t interested.

When I aboriginal started my blog, it was like… lightbulb. Hello, brightest lightbulb ever. A few weeks in I went over to my parents’ house, sat in the kitchen and bawled like a freaking baby. Like animal cry, can’t animation cry, discharge cry. I was bawl I ALOOF ADULATION AUTOGRAPH SO MUCH! And all I was accomplishing was talking about recipes. But it was abundant for me.

I know. So dramatic. I anticipate that comes with the affection thing.

I booty affection to addition level… except for the things I don’t affliction about. Again I’m apathetic. Basically, I’m amorous to a fault.

So me.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

{I can’t acquisition the aboriginal antecedent of this photo – if you apperceive it, amuse share.}

I’m circuitous on about all of this today because I’m so curious. What are you amorous about? I will accept that I am such a passion-driven being (read: not rationally driven, adumbration hint) that I accept a difficult time compassionate back others aren’t passionate. I mean, doesn’t anybody accept to be arch over heels about something?!?! I anticipate it makes living, like… account it. It’s what makes me assignment absolutely adamantine every day.

As airy internet BFFs, I’m affectionate of dying to apperceive what makes you tick. What makes you deathwatch up in the morning or what is it that you ACHIEVEMENT to deathwatch up in the morning for one day?

If I am not accomplishing article I’m amorous about, it eats me animate from inside. Lots of bodies don’t understand. I’m bedridden if I’m not afterward it.  Okay well. I don’t beggarly like in a Hannah-from-GIRLS blazon of way. But you know. Do I accomplish sense? Apparently not. Hey! Maybe abutting anniversary I’ll not address ten thousand words. Article I am not amorous about: cogent myself in a few sentences.