tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Now that bounce is, well… springing, I am so aback in burger mode. Balloon the actuality that it’s activity to snow tomorrow. #what

2. This cheesy banty flick popcorn? I so appetite that. Brilliant.

3. Um. So aftermost anniversary I had a dream that I gave bearing to a SHARK. Yes, a shark. My BFF asked me if it again angry about ate me and I said, “oh no, I woke up back the fins were advancing out.” YEAH. What is my life? (and no, you cryptic dream readers, I am not pregnant.)

4. Kinda flipping out because I am clearly accepting old. I acclimated to be able to apprehend after the lights on and do things in the dark, and back you’re young, you’re parents consistently bawl and say article like, “turn on a light! how can you see?!” Well. Now I can’t. Now I acquisition myself axis on lights and captivation things far abroad from me so I can apprehend them. I’m done with growing up.

5. Amuse acquaint me you’ve apparent this 4 year old who makes cardboard dresses? AMAZE.

6. This accomplished weekend as I was blockage out at the grocery store, I noticed the cutest little babe (probably 10 years old or so?) abaft me… and attractive at me. Back I was in the cocky checkout line, I affected she was cerebration I was demography ALWAYS (because I usually beef about that), but instead she goes “hey! can I advice you bag your groceries?” Oh my gosh. She was the cutest affair anytime and it broiled my heart. I said of advance she didn’t accept to advice me, but acknowledge you so abundant and she was all “no, I absolutely like to help!” She again went bottomward to the end of my lane and started bagging all of my advantage while her mom waited abaft me until I finished. She said her babe loves to appear to the abundance with her so she can advice bodies bag their groceries. Actively dying. Aloof the anticipation affectionate of brings tears to my eyes. It was so sweet.

7. Speaking of affection moving… a grandfathering wrote his own obituary afore casual away. Never did I anytime anticipate I’d say this, but it’s funny and if possible… happy.

8. TV Talk: Accurate Detective! So I am blessed but shockingly (to myself) affectionate of sad that it concluded that way – maybe I capital added alike added of a cliffhanger? But I’m abiding if it concluded in a bewilderment I’d be accusatory about that soooo… yeah. Girls was accept but I acquisition myself watching it aloof cat-and-mouse for it to be over. Still dying over the Walking Asleep – I see so abounding bodies adage that it’s arid and that it’s accident beef and I feel the complete opposite. I absolutely like what they are accomplishing appropriate now because it’s semi-realistic… in an unrealistic world? Whatevs. I like it!

9. We did accomplishment Abode of Cards and while I’m a crazy being and still acclaim for Aboveboard & Claire, I accept to ask – what now? Eddie says there is alone one way to go from here… down. Ha. Now that I’ve accomplished a actor altered shows, what should I watch next? I am already watching Aspersion – the accepted division but additionally some old ones on netflix at the aforementioned time. Because that’s how I roll. And I don’t alike like that expression.

10. Bounce clothes shopping? It’s all I appetite to do. Aggravating to resist. Accept you begin annihilation fun? Accredit me.