tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Bet you don’t apperceive which one is mine. By the way, my bedmate layers his froyo. Like gets some froyo, adds some toppings, added froyo, added toppings, and so on. And you anticipation my cup was besmirched up. (it so is.)

2. This blood orange gin and tonic. Authoritative me crave summer alike more.

3. Also, amuse serve me this crispy attic french toast with cherries and aphotic chocolate. That aloof kills me.

4. So, I cannot get over the Malaysia┬áplane disappearance. I abhorrence application the chat “fascinated” because it doesn’t assume adapted in a tragedy, but that is the best chat I can use to call my apperception on it. It’s appealing abundant all I will allocution to Eddie about and the minute I deathwatch up in the morning or heck, alike from a nap, I’m all “have they begin the plane? what’s activity on with the plane?!” I can’t alike appreciate actuality a ancestors cat-and-mouse for answers. My affection is breaking. I can’t stop flipping out over this. Like area is it? Why is this not actuality covered in the media 24/7?!

5. On a absolutely different apparent note, I aggregate this on facebook aftermost anniversary but it’s THAT good: according to pinterest, coiled beard is authoritative a comeback. I ability die of happiness. I achievement it’s for real.

6. Oh and back I’m ashore in 1986 you should additionally apperceive that two canicule ago I bought a brace of NIGHTCAP PANTS. I mean, they are legit. From Victoria’s Secret. Like yoga pants. But you know.

7. The internet has fabricated me grammatically challenged. So abundant so that I had to google that word.

8. I’m abiding you charge a bad archetype in your activity today, so I’ll acquaint you that this anniversary bliss off addition one of ulta’s 21 canicule of beauty.

9. I anticipation that Walking Asleep was SO crazily acceptable this anniversary and can we allocution about what an amazing extra Melissa McBride is? And how crazy attractive she is with that hair? If you saw her on the Talking Dead… so pretty. How are there alone two episodes left? It doesn’t accomplish sense. I additionally still don’t accept why anybody is freaking out about how scary/sad/whatever it can be. That’s affectionate of the accomplished point. It’s not activity to get bigger and I agnosticism there will be a blessed ending, anytime – right? And um, three abnormal into Girls, I bare to awning my eyes (and ears). But I appetite to be best accompany with Elijah. And almanac the Hannah assignment arena always and anytime to acquaint my approaching accouchement NEVER DO THIS.

10. Oh one added TV thing, you apperceive how Sandra Oh is abrogation Grey’s? Again I saw that they are bringing Burke back? I am accepting a heartichoke that they are killing her off. Aloof no. I mean, why abroad would Burke appear back? Aloof end the show. Why do I not alike affliction about this appearance and again get sucked aback in appear Spring? I abhorrence my affecting investment.

11. I’m debating whether it would be inappropriate to acrylic my nails in accessible today while I delay for my car to be inspected. Is this bridge the line?