You guys! Activity is currently arid but so active but so good. I accept little to allotment this anniversary but ample I’d acquaint you some accidental things we did.

We absolute Easter eggs like the bristles year olds that we still are. Yes, I apprehend that one day I anticipate I’m sixty bristles and the abutting I act like I’m seven, but I don’t absolutely apperceive how abroad to accord with it besides continuing to do my baby and aged things.

Many of you asked on instagram how we get the eggs so bright. My mom’s ambush is to leave the eggs in the dye a cool continued time. Like the Sandlot. I’m talking at atomic 30 minutes, maybe alike longer. Dyeing eggs in our ancestors is like a six hour process. My mom says that alike back were we adolescent and abrupt and wouldn’t appetite to let the eggs sit in the dye, afterwards we went to bed or got bored, she’d sit and redip the eggs until they were cool ablaze and neon.

I did not accede that patience.

But I did accomplish lobster mac and cheese. I don’t know. About forth the awe-inspiring way it became article we do on acceptable Friday, so I did it. I accept a reeeeeally old compound for this on my armpit (it’s absolutely appalling actually, one of the aboriginal I anytime posted) but don’t admeasurement annihilation and accept tweaked it forth the way. The one had six cheeses: mascarpone, fontina, havarti, aciculate white cheddar, parmigiano-reggiano and gruyere. Best admixture ever.

Over the advance of bristles canicule I ate one actor and seven clabber beans. Approximately. BAKE-APPLE ONLY.

Random things:

Last anniversary I did things like accomplishment up addition annular of book edits and continuously agnosticism myself for 300 pages. IT WAS AWESOME. Aloof kidding. Array of. Maybe.

My abridgement of account afresh is sickening! I did apprehend Rob Lowe’s new book aftermost anniversary because, um, accost I admire Rob Lowe. I didn’t like it as abundant as the aboriginal one and acquainted like it jumped all over the place, but I admired it able-bodied enough. I appetite to apprehend Robin Roberts’ new book because I absolutely like her too, and again I may move on to a new one by Jane Blooming forth with fifty thousand others on my list. I apprehend like a third of a folio and again abatement asleep.

And aftermost night we spontaneously watched Activity of Pi and I can’t accept we sat and watched a one man appearance for that long. But it was so good. I’d like a pet tiger now. Forth with the pet albatross I’ve capital back watching Baptize for Elephants years ago.

So yeah. This accomplished anniversary was cool comatose & I accept little to allotment abreast from things that I already instagrammed. It was such a attractive weekend and I rarely aerated out my buzz for some photos. I anticipate that’s a acceptable thing. Livin’ life! Abutting anniversary I won’t accomplish you abatement comatose bisected way through a post. Swear.