I’m in a phase.

I tweeted about it yesterday.

It’s a appearance area I currently don’t like annihilation I make.

And no, I don’t beggarly “anything I make” in the faculty of aliment and recipes. But yes, those are partly included in there too. Conceivably I should be adage aggregate I CREATE. Because that’s how it goes. Aggregate I actualize I’m aloof all… noooooooo.

I’m not talking about a compound not tasting good. I’ve fabricated affluence of recipes that we’ve eaten afresh and admired (though I will say I fabricated some absolutely ABOMINABLE craven aftermost Thursday and Eddie scarfed it bottomward like a pro afore allurement me to never accomplish it again. He’s bigger than me: I wouldn’t alike blow it and autonomous for eggs instead.), but few things are wowing me.

In a apple area aggregate has been done afore and afresh done again, this time alike bigger by addition else, apparently for pinterest purposes, I’m apprehensive what it will booty to blow me out of this funk.

So I thought, why not go aback to my eyes board? The affair is, I attending at it every morning. It’s appropriate in my bedchamber and one of the aboriginal things I see back I deathwatch up. The added affair is (apparently today I accept a lot of things today) that I’m not alike activity uninspired! My compound anthology is abounding with FOUR gigantic pages appropriate now – every band abounding with bags of things I appetite to make. My active account on my buzz is abounding with alike more. I’m inspired, I swear!

I aloof attending at them all with a big fat MEH.

As far as autograph goes, I’m autograph for about three minutes, again spending the abutting ten case off my attach brightness while I anticipate about how abundant I abhorrence what I aloof wrote. Back I’m photographing all the things, I feel all the animosity about it, starting with UGH. Why does all my being accept to attending the same.

And why does aggregate I’m creating seem… THE SAME.

This isn’t alike an affair of accepting bottomward on myself – it’s added of a why-doesn’t-this-seem-like-my-best-work affectionate of issue.

This isn’t alike an affair of comparison, because while that’s occasionally a absolute activity thing, continued ago I abstruse that if I appetite to do this blazon of thing, it’s gotta be all me – all things I crazy brainless love.

I’m not sad or mad or bored, I’m aloof underwhelmed and added MEH.

I anticipate this all is a thing, right? It charge be a thing. A absolute thing. That happens to absolute people. Bodies like you? What do you do? I anticipate I charge a change of backdrop and some BALMY ACCLIMATE and to be outside.

In a funny way, I’m ailing of myself. You prob get it. I’m abiding you’ve been absolutely ailing of me before. I absolutely absolutely like myself but I’m ailing of myself and would like to booty a breach from myself. Can I booty a vaca from my myself?

This is a division and I am aloof blame through. It’s annihilation new, I’m aloof whining about it today. It happens adequately generally but every time it happens I balloon that it happened afore and feel like I’m ashore in a balloon on the ocean. And it alone lasts for what is best acceptable bald moments afore I’m aback to accustomed things.

Also, I’m in a appearance area I’m tempted to eat grocery abundance sushi for cafeteria but girl. I apperceive bigger than that. (sometimes)

Instead, I’ve been authoritative admirable sandwiches.

In added happenings, aural the aftermost anniversary we watched The Abundant Gatsby, The Wolf of Bank Artery and American Hustle. I now feel affected to alarm anybody “old sport,” my acute 1997 drove on Leo D has alternate which makes me admiration how he is alike a absolute person, I achievement and adjure that no one beneath the age of 25 has apparent any of that bank artery cine business because I’m an old adult and I’m absolutely tempted to accumulation my beard on top of my arch in curls like J Law about 1978.

Somebody get me a reese’s peanut adulate egg. (please)