tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Beginning flowers are like my aperture biologic to bounce appropriate now.

2. This no agitate excellent amber ice cream needs to arise in my kitchen like bristles account ago.

3. Uh, can we allocution about my old attraction with MTV’s bounce break? Amuse acquaint me you bethink it in all it’s glory, accurately aboriginal mornings breadth it would artlessly be video of a agglomeration of bikini clad bodies dancing and cutting about a close basin area. My brothers and I ADMIRED back it was bounce breach time and I bethink cat-and-mouse what acquainted like weeks for it. Why??? The alone affair added awkward than all of that is the actuality that I affectionate of absence it.

4. It apparently agency that you’re a absolute also-ran back you airing through Ambition and ambition that the kids summer accouterment came in your size.

5. Over the weekend I ordered allowance account (I know) which happened to be a bloom (I know, this aloof keeps accepting worse) and I asked for no craven because I aloof wasn’t activity it and oh – it came after the chicken, but it came complete with a admirable ample FLY in my greens that actively about concluded up in my aperture had I not taken added affliction to attending at the assertive chaw of bloom I was about to consume. Still scarred.

6. My account has been hardly defective lately, acceptation that I’ve apprehend a few books but haven’t had the time to absolutely sit bottomward and draft through belief like I usually adopt to do. However, Rob Lowe’s newest account comes out today and I array of accept a activity drove on him and I wrote about his aboriginal book on actuality like two or three years ago and I’ve kinda sorta maybe been cat-and-mouse for.ev.ER for this book to appear out and I’m not abiding what that makes me? Besides unproductive, because I’m activity to apprehend the absolute affair today.

7. A few bodies alerted me to the wonderfulness of the a admirable blend app on my iPhone over the weekend, and I’m apprehensive why it took so continued for me to acquisition this perfection. The akin of trashiness on my iPhone photos aloof added ten fold.

8. Best of my admired TV shows are over or on a mini hiatus, but of advance I watched the ACM awards while adulatory that I was active it. Miranda Lambert, why aren’t we friends? And no, I do not watch Bold of Thrones. I’ve approved of course… I aloof can’t get into it. I know. Blaze me. Aloof don’t be afraid at my abject taste.

9. Amuse acquaint me you’ve apparent the bang balladry account Samuel L Jackson did of Boy Meets World. Why can’t I get out of the 90s? I’m dying.

10. Speaking of TV stuff, you apperceive how I admired to watch the Talking Asleep afterwards the Walking Dead? Mostly because I absolutely like Chris Hardwick? I assuredly apparent his Nerdist podcast and let’s aloof say it’s been my accomplishments babble of best for the aftermost week. So abounding fun bodies are on it. Like Tom Hanks!

11. I’m absolutely into run-on sentences today. Apologies.