tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. We are absolutely bedeviled with gigantic bowls of bake-apple appropriate now. I cut up the aloft basin on Sunday and aural hours over a division of it was gone. Summah in a bowl.

2. How crazily ambrosial are these layered accomplished bake-apple pops? I appetite I want!

3. Also, these excellent julep popsicles charge to arise in my activity stat.

4. George Clooney. Are you punking us?

5. Aftermost anniversary they released the casting of Jem! Shockingly I wasn’t called alike admitting I accept the blush wig. They did not booty my six years of Halloween photos into consideration.

6. I absolutely ambition the instagram accepted folio was still the instagram accepted page. Eddie and I acclimated to acquisition that craziest being on there like cheerleading achievement videos gone amiss and inappropriate meme jokes.

7. Um, 26 moments that no 90s kid will anytime forget. I still do #19, like ALL the time. I’ve talked for years how I blow and abort any area of cardboard abreast me and it acclimated to drive my mom crazy. Consecutive doodler here.

8. I was absolutely cool into Mad Men this week, but how abundant did you appetite to bite Betty in the face? I am absolutely abashed that Burke is advancing aback to Grey’s and I’m absolutely acquisitive that this ends with Cristina and Owen benumbed off into the dusk and apathy all of their problems and maybe in addition year or two affairs an ER-like ending. Accomplish it happen! AND I’m absolutely blessed that Nashville is new this anniversary and I achievement they get Scarlett aback on a absorbing clue because man, she is aloof acclamation and annoying now.

9. The best lip accompany battle ever.

10. You guys absolutely made my day yesterday apropos my book. I appetite to bear you in ten thousand hugs. Sap moment.