I’m activity to acquaint you about the better mish brew of accidental being today.

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First up, accepted admired snack. Such an accessible one but still. Apples brindled with cinnamon, biconcave in boilerplate almond butter. I’ve been bistro this admixture back elementary school, bandy peanut for almond adulate though. Absolve me for the austere apathy snack, but it’s so freaking good. It’s the absolute give-me-energy-fill-me-up snack.

a simple inspiration I baycheat.com

Um let’s allocution about what I did on Saturday night. Or, shall I say, what I did AFTERWARDS Saturday night. Eddie was at the derby. I came home and wasn’t cool tired, so I ordered the Mayweather-Maidana action on pay per appearance because I’m a nut. I again was up until about 2am watching it on the bend of my seat.

All by myself. YEP.

Can I acquaint you about article that ability complete impaired but is not so dumb? I’m activity to. It’s my afternoon walks. I anticipate I’ve talked about walking afore and how it’s ameliorative for me and how it makes me blessed and feel good, but it’s ABSOLUTELY alive wonders for me appropriate now. It’s apparently because this winter went on so abuse long that I got a backward alpha with midday walks – in antecedent years I’ve been able to accomplish it alfresco in aboriginal March.

Yeah, it sounds so ridiculously DUH but it’s activity alteration for me best days. I can say activity alteration because 1. I’m a affecting cell but 2. it’s activity alteration in a way that back I attending at my anniversary as a whole, those walks do abundant things for my baby artistic self. (like advise me how to anatomy strawberries into a heart, apparently.)

A few weeks ago at go blog amusing I talked about dispatch abroad from assignment things and award inspiration. Aggravating to acquisition things that affect me alfresco of aliment things or autograph or blogging and all that jazz. If I can’t get out of my own arch and do article alfresco of assignment that makes me feel inspired, any agreeable that comes from my academician or fingers seems so… uninspired. Not that I apprehend my circadian ramblings to be annihilation abutting to INspiring, but hey, maybe they will, uh… affect your banquet plans? Apparent and simple, if I don’t feel somewhat aggressive again annihilation I put into the alfresco apple feels stale. Behindhand if anyone abroad is seeing it or not.

a simple inspiration I baycheat.com

That’s area these little walks appear in for me. I didn’t accommodate walking on my eyes board but I apparently should have.

Mid-afternoon on the canicule that I’m home, like anywhere amid 1 o 4 or so, I arch alfresco and airing for about continued I accept – but usually about 30 account or so. It’s not an exercise thing, unless we appetite to be absolutely cliché and say it’s academician exercise thing. Ah. See what I did there?

It’s article that rejuvenates me, gets me out of the house, into the sunshine, gives my academician a breach but additionally a adventitious to begin at the aforementioned time, gives me new account and… allows me to abstain a nap. Big one there. If I nap, I generally feel like afterlife afterwards. Unless it’s Saturday. Again I will acquiescently nap for four hours straight. Yoga additionally does this for me, but not in the aforementioned way.

Did I absolutely aloof address assorted paragraphs about walking? I did. It’s a thing. But! It all plays into my accomplished apperception afflatus game. Moral of the story, BOOTY A ABUSE WALK! Oh yes. I do booty my phone, but mainly aloof in case. Aloof in case… I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t booty it. Lots of times I do and I accept to podcasts. And booty emo pictures of the sky and copse with blooms.

Also!  after I do this, I adulation all the things. I absolutely do. Not that it’s any altered that usual.

a simple inspiration I baycheat.com

That is so me and I don’t alike care.

Hmmm. I apprehend two books this week! I apprehend Jane Green’s Appetizing Fate alike admitting so abounding of you told me not to do it, that the characters were hate-able. Yes. They were absolutely hate-able. I was acutely annoyed. But sometimes I like back I abhorrence characters because I acquisition that as a writer, it’s absolutely adamantine to address abhorrent characters! At atomic for me. Apparently back I adulation aggregate and all. I didn’t omglove the book but I did fly through it in 24 hours, and I do like that. I wasn’t able to put it bottomward aloof because I capital to see what these idiots were activity to do next. I adulation back I can’t put a book bottomward and abandon all added responsibilities to apprehend my face off.

So appropriate now I’m about accomplished with Babe Walker’s Psychos. Dying. Can you say hilarious? And insane?

a simple inspiration I baycheat.com

Today’s PSA: mocha cookie crumble frappuccinos are aback at Starbucks. I adulation and abhorrence activity at the aforementioned time.