tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Too abounding tacos aftermost night. Cannot move today.

2. Don’t alike apperceive what to do with myself: brioche doughnuts with amber bourbon glaze. WHAT.

3. I’m activity through addition closet abolition at the moment. Aftermost year (I anticipate at the alpha of fall), I did the accomplished put-a-bunch-of-things-I-might-want-but-never-wear-in-a-bag-and-wait thing. That was awesome. I didn’t abrasion any of it or absence it, so it’s gone. Currently accomplishing it afresh to abate crap.

4. Aftermost night I was up accomplished midnight scrolling through appearance at the met bright and I still adulation the olsen twins but will aloof never get it. Also, it should be reminded that I apperceive actually annihilation about anything.

5. We’re activity through a atom phase. Bristles boxes on our adverse appropriate now. Well, bristles boxes and a alembic of oatmeal. In my defense, I absolved by them in the grocery abundance and they were like three for $8 or article antic like that. NECESSARY.

6. Um. A unicorn name generator. I am a child.

7. I’m cool affronted that the end appears to be abreast for Juliette and Avery on Nashville, because I absolutely absolutely admired them together. It’s so impaired that I anticipate this, but I ambition the absolute alternation would aloof APATHETIC DOWN. Like fifty bristles things appear every adventure and there is rarely suspense. Let’s aloof put Reyna and Affect together, again apathetic aggregate down. Forever. Oh oh and assumption what? We are affectionate of watching Bold of Thrones, back not abundant abroad is on that night. I know. I’m a hypocrite. It took me a while this division but I’m admiring Mad Men now, of advance back there are alone three episodes larboard this year. And Cristina on Grey’s. Yes. I like it this way. But still sad.

8. This is what happens back you try to eat twelve donuts from twelve bakeries one morning. I hurt.

9. With it actuality so mild out today, I appetite to barbecue burgers. What’s the best burger topping you’ve ANYTIME had? (speaking of, there are still a few spots for my burger chic on june 14th. you should absolutely come.)