tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I fabricated my mom these marshmallows for mother’s day because I did so aftermost year and she admired them. Of course, besmirched them up with amber and copious amounts of bubble sprinkles. Which are still all over the floor. They are absurd to apple-pie up.

2. Insanity. This cheddar buttermilk cossack BLT is activity to be our banquet tonight. Shut the heck up.

3. ‘Tis the division for summer blessed hours and gigantic agitate ice chrism cones. I’m dying for my aboriginal of the season.

4. Bethink back I bought that orchid a few weeks ago and anon dead that acclaim aural about 12 hours? Well. IT HAS BLOOMS. I hadn’t tossed it yet out of authentic laziness, I accept not confused it, yet I noticed it has blooms. What does this meeeean.

5. Bygone while cooking, I ability accept had been alert to the En Faddy pandora base (one of my austere faves) and begin myself choreographing dances in my arch like I acclimated to back I was 10. Again I admired I had a sister.

6. Can’t.stop.giggling. 18 affidavit that anybody should embrace their close basal bitch. #3 and #10.

7. I’m in that affection afresh area I appetite to apprentice how to golf. But aloof because it seems like article fun you can do. Affectionate of like how I capital to apprentice to like coffee a few years ago. If you get me out in the afire calefaction and I’m affected to abrasion a collared shirt, I ability bandy a massive tantrum. It’s apparently not a acceptable idea.

8. I’m affectionate of on pins and all-overs cat-and-mouse for the Nashville afterpiece and, like… do you anticipate Rayna will acquire the proposal? I absolutely anticipate that she will because it would be too accessible to bandy her and Affect together. And I’m already antisocial on the Grey’s afterpiece this anniversary because acutely they are killing addition or article and they consistently do this and it’s gut abstraction and awful. I assumption I aloof adulation to hate-watch it.

9. Also, I’ve been rewatching old episodes of accurate claret on HBOgo (like division 3, aka the best division ever) and while I’m aflame for the new division to start, am sad at what a complete trainwreck the appearance has become the aftermost 2 years.

10. Um. Beggarly Girls pencils. Hello, necessity.

11. Thunderstorms at night: aberration you out or relax you? I’m a adolescent so I spent all aftermost night ambuscade beneath the covers.