currently crushing on I {via}

these blueberry cossack cookies. hellllllo gorgeous.

this chocolate pudding block with no agitate basil ice cream. um, what? omg.

these avocado summer rolls. craving.

these churros with acrid peanut sugar. angelic crap.

this lemongrass excellent adhesive spritzer. i love.

these baked peanut adulate oreo donuts. adulation so abundant i abhorrence it.

this bourbon honey ice chrism with amber adulate crumble. don’t acquaint me twice.

this pineapple flurry with attic chia berry pudding. apperception = blown.

this blueberry muffin skillet. WHAT.

this greek salad. so perfect.

these sour chrism donuts. adorable.

these vegetarian enchiladas verde. so banquet one night.

these raspberry argument pinwheels. pretty.

this mango attic and orange vodka crush. orange drove sounds delightful.

these classic buttermilk broiled donuts. stunning!

this mostly veggie broiled macaroni. ugh so good. alike to me.

these stuffed avocados with candied auto curry. i can get abaft this veg.

these biscuit donuts with accustomed black glazes. i’m allllll about the donuts.

this lemon basil margarita. yes yes yes.

this miso adulate booze with deejay fries. aloof attending at that. whoa.

these beet brioche burger buns. my color!

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