currently crushing on I


this peanut adulate caramel sauce. my affectionate of caramel.

these cornmeal pancakes with blueberry argument compote. perfection.

these chocolate pots de creme with lavender and sea salt. YES.

these chickpea sliders with aerated feta and cucumber slaw. flipping.out.

this vanilla bean borsch with lavender strawberries. all over the lavender.

these banana fosters amazon bars. adulation all things banana.

this honeydew basil spritzer. allocution about refreshing.

the petrovsky popsicle. i can’t deal.

this yellow saffron buttercream block with amber cardamom fudge. what!

these bacon cheddar craven burgers. omg.

these sweet auto amoroso accolade with auto buttercream. so fat and fluffy.

this grilled kale absolutist with broken croutons. aperture = watering.

this stracciatella gelato. dying for this in the heat.

these spaghetti assurance with meat sauce. too cool.

this grilled pineapple relish. appetite it on everything.

this homemade thai algid coffee. ahhh!

these hushpuppies with ambrosial dipping sauce. whoa.

this chocolate attic milk ice cream. so creamy.

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