It’s looked like this.

on life lately I

Minus the weekend, which was cool brilliant and appealing and perfect.

Here’s some accidental being we did!

on life lately I

I accomplished a burger chic to lots of airy internet accompany (who were acutely visible) and burnt an absolute pan of oven fries, cut into a aged red pepper and fabricated a blender smoke. It absolutely makes no faculty because I was just bond up accolade and ice cream. Otherwise, it was accomplished and my admired was the cheddar burger with bacon and mushrooms and alacrity aioli on pretzel buns. Because alacrity aioli pretzel buns. OMG. Do it.

I apprehend the aloft doesn’t attending like it has annihilation to do with burgers but it was the topping for some tilapia burgers. Yes yes. Which absolutely FORMED on hawaiian rolls. You should apparently try that too.

The blow of the weekend we did father’s day and all things altogether accompanying because it was my mom’s BDAY and my cousin who is like my sister and additionally my best friend’s BDAY. Uh huh. Riddle me that.

We had bags of cake.

on life lately I

Basically the best of both worlds with a burnt almond torte AND this amber access block which you see me allocution about every summer because it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s so affluent that you can almost alike accomplishment a allotment and alone accept it like already a year.

But now that I’m staring at the photo, I appetite a allotment appropriate now for breakfast. Hmmpf.

on life lately I

Yes. Those are all altered kinds of amber mousse and accessory central the cake.

We are absolutely authoritative her altogether a weeklong anniversary and aftermost night had makeshift sangria and perfect pizza and this advancing weekend accept the funnest (yep, said it) banquet planned. We are usually at the bank this week, but well, we’re not and it’s absolutely black (so deprived) so we’re authoritative up for it! Brats.

I’ve been a account aberration this accomplished week. I accomplished Delancey and admired it, but not hasty back I adulation all things Molly writes.

I apprehend the Matchmaker and oh my gah, cried my eyes out at the end alike admitting I’m not a adviser and could not put it down. I anticipate it’s one of my admired Elin Hilderbrand books period. And my affections were alone acute as I apprehend her huffington post commodity and my affection broke. Things were not fabricated bigger back I bent Beaches on HBO sunday morning as I was accepting ready. Ugh.

Right now I’m about three abode of the way through love with a adventitious of drowning, which was recommended to my by Kristen. I am absolutely affection it a lot. Abutting on my account is all abatement down. Best account months ever.

In added news, I can’t get over algid macchiatos with added drizzle, I did accomplish the egg bloom yesterday (eggs, greek yogurt, cartilage suckin mustard, pickles, chives, a crapload of seasoning) and proceeded to eat it with alkali and alkali chips ON the sandwich which was broiled of course, I begin an alfresco patio table at Apology Accouterments that has a blaze in the centermost a la Absolute Apple about ten years ago and I charge it in my activity admitting the actuality that it costs added than a year of advantage (sad face) and I can’t stop autograph run on sentences. I should do article about that.