tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. It’s JUNE? What is accident with this world. I don’t get it.

2. Absolutely appetite this broiled birthmark lemonade appropriate this second. It looks ridiculous.

3. I wasn’t consistently an ice chrism person, but as I’ve gotten earlier I’ve become a huge soft-serve-with-sprinkles ice chrism person. So for my aboriginal cone of the division I got a average which I COULDN’T ALIKE FINISH. I feel so elderly.

4. Are there any acme in the apple appropriate now that aren’t crop tops? I don’t anticipate so.

5. Eddie capital me to analyze that his Tom Hanks animosity that I mentioned last week (seriously, what?) alone comes from the actuality that he is the aforementioned appearance in every movie. I would accept to disagree. Eddie says he is like Vince Vaughn. Who I additionally appear to like in a mind-numbing cine affectionate of way. I accept accomplished taste, clearly.

6. The achievability of abating bugs in the black appropriate now has me giddy. I absolutely don’t apperceive my age I guess.

7. In one of those moods afresh area I appetite to chop off my hair. This happens about three times a year and again I abhorrence that I won’t be able to accumulation it on top of my arch anymore. (i.e. do annihilation with it.)

8. TV things! Accept so I’m still addled from the Mad Men afterpiece over a ANNIVERSARY ago, what is amiss with me? I did watch Mistresses aftermost night in my own little clandestine embarrassment and ummm… I absolutely admired it. I aloof appetite Savi aback with her bedmate because is he not the cutest? What else. I’m still communicable the old episodes of Big Adulation that are arena on HBO and OMG – somewhat cine accompanying – I capital The Accustomed Affection on HBO with Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer – ahhhhh. They are such abundant actors. Such a acceptable movie. Actively tugged at my affection strings. I’m aloof anxiously apprehension the final division of Accurate Claret (which I’m abiding will drove my body like the aftermost three seasons) and the absolution of Orange is the New Atramentous (which I don’t adulation anywhere abreast as abundant as Abode of Cards, meh, it’s okay, but gives me article to do at like 10PM back I adapt photos.).

9. 21 facts about angle perfect. Um, can the additional cine aloof be out appropriate NOW?