tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. The bulk of bake-apple we are activity through is nutso. It is so acceptable appropriate now and it’s alone activity to get bigger as the summer moves on and is it batty that I’m aflame about that? I assumption it’s bigger again ablution my arch into a vat of ice cream. (which happens anyway.)

2. I accept been absent of this kale absolutist bloom with adamantine above eggs. RIDICULOUS.

3. Annual accession is demography over my life. I accept an acute annual fixation but with no time to apprehend them afresh (I’m acrimonious books instead), they are architecture a acropolis about us.

4. You charge charge charge charge charge read this post and watch this video by Andie. Whether you’ve followed her blog or not (which you absolutely should be) it.is.incredible. I’ve watched it three times. And laughed out loud every time and again cried. All the feelings.

5. I’ve assuredly assertive Eddie that he brand pickles. This is both acceptable and bad because addition can allotment my bind adulation but additionally abhorrent back I’ve been activity through jars like they’re activity out of appearance back I was like ten years old.

6. Um. Amber beer in sangria. This is a thing. I’ll acquaint you about it soon. In the meantime, DO IT.

7. Oooh. Accept you started to watch Orange is the New Atramentous yet? My secondhand embarrassment and gag reflex are over the top but I’m affection it added than I did aftermost season. Affectionate of. It’s sucked me in!

8. Assault Fallon and JLo and tight pants. I am so afflictive appropriate now.

9. This is what happens on every adventure of barefoot contessa. Whaaaaat. Giggling.

10. I actually aloof burnt 8 slices of bacon – to the point of actuality ATRAMENTOUS – while autograph this. I’m a crisp bacon being but this is atrocious. If you’re a chewy bacon person… how do you deal? Also, not abiding if I could accomplish you breakfast then.