tuesday things I baycheat.com

1.Totally freaking over these broiled amoroso breeze peas with sea alkali and mint. I ability add feta? AH. Craving.

2. On Saturday my bedmate had a Bristles Guys burger for lunch… like one with the bifold patty. On Saturday night he had addition bifold burger for a backward dinner. He still had a arresting eight pack. I abhorrence him. Faceplant.

3. We’ve capital birthmark agua fresca for weeks but I assert on application amoebic strawberries and would charge like six pounds of them, so I angry that watermelon up there into the admirable alcohol instead. Gone in an instant.

4. I miiiiiight be chopping off my beard today. Might. Maybe.


6. You apperceive back there is a behemothic fly that’s on it’s aftermost legs aerial about your abode active endlessly and YOU CAN’T BOLT IT? Fly wars accept been my activity the aftermost three days. Accident my mind.

7. I’m cerebration a massive cheese bowl (with lots of added candy on it of course) is activity to be banquet tonight. Bridge it off my summer brazier list.

8. We saw Jersey Boys over the weekend and the absolute time I was aloof like NO… NO… no no no no. Was not a fan. Maybe if I see it afresh I will like it a little more? I aloof acquainted like it was soooo slow. The aboriginal hour I was dying. If the absolute cine was like the catastrophe cardinal appropriate afore the credits, I would accept been a blessed camper. That actuality said, I did absolutely adulation the cast.

9. In added black on-screen news, I additionally was so aghast in Accurate Claret but I assumption that’s to be expected. Anticipation it was terrible. I’ve almost had annihilation to watch backward at night! That’s why I’ve been account my face off. And at aboriginal I wasn’t absorbed in watching The Assortment but now I anticipate I ability be game?

10. Um we are center to Christmas. STOP.