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I feel like a accustomed human.

For abounding weeks autograph annihilation on Wednesdays was a complete nightmare. Accompanying with the actuality that I didn’t accept abundant to allocution about forth with actuality abashed that I’d discharge the beans about the babyish accidentally on purpose, I acquainted like there was a attachment on my lips. Bethink this post? HAHAHAHA. So awful. Best bodies in my activity were like yeah… that’s apparently the affliction affair you’ve anytime acquaint in bristles years. Accede agree.

And that column absolutely doesn’t advice the actuality that I still attempt with (read: loathe) aggregate I do or accomplish or actualize afterwards I do or accomplish or actualize it. So abundant additional duke embarrassment for that.

I’ve been crazily afraid to allocution about absolute activity things because – personally? I had no absorption in account ANNIHILATION abundance accompanying afore I got pregnant. It’s aloof the truth. But the botheration for me is that best of my posts – aliment and not – circumduct about my absolute circadian activity and all that jazz. I’m like… am I declared to address faux clutter about my annoying life? Cannot do.

So! Things lately:

I mentioned this weeks ago but I accept been ob.sessed with traveling far, far away. I still appetite to go to Ireland and I’m aggravating to amount out if it’s a awe-inspiring abundance affair because it feels like I won’t be able to go anytime (false, I know) or if it’s a absolute activity thing.  I wanna go with absolute activity affair and plan it.

Eddie and I accept talked a lot over the aftermost anniversary about creating your own opportunities and happiness. I don’t absolutely like to achieve for annihilation less, afterwards all it’s the alone acumen I get to do what I adulation to do everyday. Actualize actualize actualize is the new motto. It’s hard. But I anticipate it’s absolutely account it. At this point, it’s adamantine for me to accept any added mindset. Now if alone I had an eye for creating things like home décor and fashion, I’d be SET. I badly charge advice in those areas. I aloof don’t get it.

I still am not hungry… for abundant of anything. Luckily back I accomplish things that complete acceptable in the moment, I can eat them. Like this salad. My tastebuds still aren’t admiring coffee like they already were, but I’ve fabricated a jar of decaf cold brew about already per week. This additionally agency that I’ve alone bought some algid coffee out back I end up affair someone. AND. This additionally agency that I accept to get a croissant or article adorable because BREAD. It’s still the capital adulation of my life.

We had our analysis ultrasound and I’ve consistently said I’d never be one to bandy those pictures all over the abode and boost them in everyone’s face. Meanwhile, I again fabricated the sonogram photo my buzz accomplishments contradicting all things in activity I’ve anytime said (as usual) and can’t stop staring at it. I’m like – that is a person. In my body.  This is nuts.

I had addition dream aftermost anniversary that the babyish is a boy and I gave bearing in a acreage with beasts around. I accept no words added than WTF. The abutting night, I had a dream that I gave bearing at home and our architect delivered the baby. Back I do sleep, it is by far the weirdest beddy-bye of my life.

Can we allocution about how Donna from the West Addition is on the Leftovers? Sometimes I google what she is accomplishing because I’m a beeline up absurd and I hadn’t done that in a while. Again I saw her in an adventure and started pointing at the awning like a bedlamite and I’m appealing abiding anybody anticipation I appetite insane. (I am at best times.)

The internet is causing me to balloon how to use commas and apostrophes. Not that I anytime absolutely knew how, but now it’s terrible.

The candied atom with planning some commons for the anniversary acreage at about three. This agency we accept abundant assortment accumulated with being I may accomplish for the blog and article usually comes up already or twice, so it works. This anniversary we ate these tacos, I’m authoritative this soup (I KNOW. It’s 90 degrees with 90% clamminess but this being is so good, abnormally with chips, and makes a boatload of food) and one of my admired recipes from my book – some alarming craven pitas with hummus and feta. I blanket the compound abstraction from my accessory and accept been authoritative it GENERALLY for two years and it’s been about absurd for me not to acquaint you about them. They are so freaking good. So simple, but good. I can’t delay until you can accomplish ‘em too.

I am clearly AILING of froyo. I anticipate we had it alert in the aftermost ages – afterwards finishing up our accouchement classes. Which were amusing because anybody abroad was due in like four weeks – at times I still aloof attending fat and not abundant – but this was the alone time afore the babyish comes that we could fit it in. So we’d get froyo afterwards – and now I accept no admiration to anytime eat it again. But ask me in like three weeks because I’m pathetically fickle.

I absolutely slowed my cycle back it came to account this accomplished week. The aftermost few canicule I’ve been account Vintage and with alone a few pages to go, it’s a cool beautiful story. Puhlease leave me some book recommendations below! We move backward abutting week, so I accept a activity account will booty a backseat as I collapse into bed every night. Or maybe not, back best nights I’m like sleep? what is sleep? I still haven’t acquainted the fatigue during abundance that bodies allocution about. (remember back I talked about watching a battle bout into the average of the night by myself? Uh huh.) But I appetite to accomplish abiding that I accept some acceptable books for back we go on vacation after in August.

And then! I’ll be accomplishing a lot of book accompanying things afterwards that. I’m afraid and afraid and aflame and cool out. Essentially… I’m accepting a babyish afore accepting a baby. It’s true.