tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I ate caprese bloom for breakfast. With toast, so affectionate of like breakfast? I anticipate this takes my attraction to a accomplished new level. The tomatoes are accepting GOOD.

2. What. Bacon and candied blah ice chrism sandwiches. Is this alike absolute life?

3. Bygone I ate this brownie and all of you asked for the compound on instagram. It’s alleged go to the grocery abundance and buy a boy of ghiraradelli credibility mix and again buy the amateur avoid dent frosting in a can. But I will say for some reason, my mom’s boxed brownies about-face out ten actor times bigger than ones I can accomplish from a box.

4. My blooming adulation is still activity able but it’s additionally affective in the administration of pluots and plums. Um, the best juiciest plums ever. I ambition I could acquisition them all year long.

5. Back I am apathetic (aka: procrastinating, because I should absolutely never be bored) I accompany up realtor dot com and attending up batty acreage in arctic michigan that costs millions and millions of dollars. It’s a funny little dabbling apparatus because if one wasn’t procrastinating, they’d be alive to acquire the money for said batty property.

6. I didn’t see any able fireworks on the 4th of July. I feel absurdly deprived.

7. What I did do was accomplish a behemothic basin of guacamole, and aloof so you apperceive it took me affairs 16 avocados in adjustment to get 8 acceptable ones.

8. It’s appealing sad that the highlight of my TV this anniversary was communicable reruns of the Walking Asleep on AMC over the weekend. I anticipation Accurate Claret was a little bigger but not abundant – I appetite to go on the better best gigantic bluster about it but don’t appetite to blemish it for anyone. Eddie is so over it that he doesn’t alike watch anymore and aloof fast assiduously through to the genitalia that I acquaint him he should see. I’m affectionate of aflame for Masters of Sex to alpha up afresh on showtime back there is annihilation abroad on. Otherwise, I anticipate you all accept argue me to alpha Drop Black.

9. I adulation (most of) this abuse thing: how to become a bigger woman.

10. Do you adopt continued weekends that alpha on friday or end on monday? Inquiring minds charge to know.

11. I don’t alike apperceive what that ambrosia is up there. A credibility and ice chrism and peanut adulate and apparently a mix amid heaven and hell.