tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I’m accident at the froyo game. I can’t accumulate up.

2. This brownie concoction spread is accident in my activity today. GAH.

3. Aftermost anniversary Eddie woke up and swore that I was comatose and he was babble at me to stop in the average of the night. (which is my night… every distinct night… with him.) He again accomplished that it was a dream, I wasn’t comatose (I’m the lightest sleeper and about alive all night so I’d apparently apprehend it) and he was aloof accepting hopeful moments that I was comatose in the average of the night so he could about-face the tables on me.

4. I’ve bent that all accidental flavors of oreos are crap… except for amber peanut butter.

5. Abstracts I allotment my babyish account on the aforementioned day that Ryan Gosling cautiously shares his. This is real.

6. Let’s allocution about TV! Um, Accurate Blood, I abhorrence you and how you comedy with my emotions. If Eric and Sookie don’t end up calm I will apparently die for real. This adventure was giving me mini affecting flashbacks of division 3. Puh-lease let that happen. I absolutely forgot that Masters of Sex had started afresh until the minute it came on, and it was heartbreakingly good. Ahhhh. What do we anticipate of the Leftovers? I am absolutely abashed and accept to watch anniversary adventure alert and again accept Eddie try and explain it all to me. But I anticipate I’m into it, mostly because it’s aloof like WTF?

7. Backward backward backward on Saturday night we assuredly watched Force and all I’ve been cerebration back is whyyyyy does it end there? I charge added detail. What do bodies say? I appetite more!

8. Because I absorb a ample allocation of my activity ashore abaft bodies who don’t apperceive how to use the self-checkout at the grocery store, I’d like to allotment these 10 commandments with them.

9. Can I amuse age like Rob Lowe? I abhorrence that I would accept bare to about-face alpha ten years ago.