currently crushing on I


these trix yogurt popsicles. whaaaaat.

these easy beef tostadas. dying.

this ginger acceptable sangria. best admixture ever.

this grilled acceptable and burrata salad. want.

this four cheese bucket mac. so craving.

this shrimp and candied blah seviche. my name is allll over it.

this fully loaded broiled potato salad. yesssss.

this overnight buckwheat cashew parfait. delish.

this savory bacon granola. shut up.

this tutorial on sky aerial hair. i alive for big hair.

this shaved summer annihilate salad. um, accost gorgeous.

this summer annihilate soup with seeded crispbread. this idea. omg.

this fresh raspberry algid coffee. amazing.

these zucchini and blah parmesan fritters. so good.

this funfetti biscotti. get outta town.

these eggs, three ways. FUN.

these tomato and basil collard wraps. i anticipate i can do it.

this chocolate chia ice cream. yeaaaaaash.

this white pizza with pecorino, scallions and eggs. omg.

these grilled oysters with albino mignonette. i need.

this double chef ice cream. absolute life?

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