[thank you all SO ABUNDANT for entering this giveaway! your abracadabra moments fabricated my absolute week. if you charge a feel acceptable moment, i advance account through these aces comments! i acquainted 1 through 6503 into random.org and the generated champ is animadversion #1729 – Beth B. who said “I pre-ordered a archetype a few weeks ago. Can’t delay to get it!” Congrats Beth! I’ve beatific you an email. Again, acknowledge you ALL so abundant for entering and for your support. xoxoxo]

my favorite things GIVEAWAY I baycheat.comHiiiii.

So. I apperceive I’m not a huge betrayal person, but I am absolutely absolute abroad by your abutment and adulation and all that applesauce lately, abnormally for Seriously Delish and how you’ve absolutely afflicted my life. I appetite to do, well… ARTICLE for anniversary and every one of you and back I can’t buy you all a cocktail with a hug, I ample a betrayal of my admired things would accept to do.

This betrayal is from ME to YOU. I appetite to appearance you how abundant I acknowledge you advancing actuality everyday, the advance you’ve accustomed me and your all about basic fabulousness. You absolutely do complete me, Jerry Maguire style. ACKNOWLEDGE YOU!

See beneath on how to access to win all of these goods! 

1. This Rebecca Minkoff Crosby tote. It’s no abstruse how abundant I adulation adulation adulation my mac clamp accoutrements and mini macs. And my cupid satchel. I adulation every bag she makes and am absolutely drooling over this for fall.

2. Jeni’s ice cream! 4 pints to be exact. This should aftermost you, like… bristles minutes.

3. A Vitamix blender. I’ve become the better actor on the planet because for years I said I’d never buy one and would rather buy shoes. But I took the attempt beforehand this year and it was actively ACTIVITY CHANGING. Allocution about the thickest milkshake-like smoothies and the creamiest soups. To die for.

4. One year subscriptions to my admired foodie magazines: Donna Hay and Delicious. These are my go-to for photography inspiration. LOVE. Annihilation abroad compares in my opinion.

5. A fit bit flex. It’s been abutting to a year back I’ve gone on and on about my fit bit. I absolutely admire it – not as a conditioning tool, but added so as a admonition to alive an alive lifestyle.

6. Two of my admired books: the Flavor Bible and Bird by Bird. One of the best frequently asked questions I get is how do I appear up with recipes – and one of the answers is the Acidity Bible! If I absolutely appetite to accomplish article with a assertive ingredient, I’ll chase it and see what flavors brace the best. And Bird by Bird… able-bodied it’s a archetypal that gets me through life. Appealing much.

7. Ummm…. chocolate? Do I absolutely charge to explain this one? This is one of my favorites. I charge to share.

8. Gift cards to some of my admired places: $50 to each. One to Sephora, one to Athleta and one to Starbucks. Because I’m a sucker. (if you don’t like coffee GET THE CROISSANT!)

And after – this bright set of my admired le pen pens and a moleskin notebook (MY LOVE!). It’s academy accumulation time people!! But really, these pens are the bomb dot com. (sorry.)

To access this giveaway, leave a animadversion beneath cogent me your abracadabra moment from this summer. Amuse be abiding to leave a accurate email abode with your animadversion so I can acquaintance you if you win! This betrayal is accessible to association EVERYWHERE! All over the place. If you’re across I acutely can’t accelerate you the ice cream, but we will assignment article abroad out.

For an added entry, I would adulation if you’d preorder a archetype of Seriously Delish and leave a additional animadversion adage you did so. You can do so on amazon, barnes and noble or indiebound – and the book will be castigation in beneath than TEN days! EEEEEK! I cannot acknowledge you guys abundant for allowance me to accomplish the book a bestseller. I admire you to pieces. (and if you preordered months ago, acknowledge you and leave your additional comment!) Also, be abiding to analysis my book bout dates to see if I’ll be in your area!

The betrayal will run until this Friday, Baronial 29. The champ will be appear on this column and contacted by email. ACKNOWLEDGE YOU!

[this betrayal is not sponsored, all items are purchased by me.]