brain dump I


Yesterday I had to go buy a canteen of bourbon for a compound while six months pregnant. Bodies still aren’t abiding if I’m abundant – or abroad they’ve aloof had it austere into their accuracy to NEVER ASK A WOMAN if she is abundant unless it’s like ages ten. That was fun.

This is what we’ve done lately!

We moved. I can address a book on the affliction way to move. We did it. Assurance me.

We went on vacation.

We couldn’t relax on vacation at all, until maybe the additional to aftermost day. I do not advance activity on vacation the anniversary afore or afterwards above things action in your life. Accurate life: I array of like to assignment bigger than I like vacation. And I’m not alike bubbler caffeine now. This is apparently a problem.

Next anniversary at this time, I’ll be accomplishing my book tour (omg amuse come!) and am apprehensive if I can cull off the white jumpsuit that Robin Artisan wore to the emmys while actuality alone 5 anxiety alpine and pregnant. The alone affair I anticipate I would attending like is a arctic buck walking on its afterwards legs.

People accumulate allurement me “omg aren’t you freaking out” with the accomplished baby/book/moving bearings and yes I’m majorly freaking out BUT the acceptable account is that there is so abundant activity on at the moment that I don’t accept the adequacy to captivate over aloof one thing. Which is apparently awesome? Or it aloof agency aggregate is actuality bisected assed. Let’s achievement not that one. But things are good.

I do abhorrence activity like I can’t be 100% present on my blog appropriate now. I ABSENCE YOUR GUTS.

We confused three weeks ago but went abroad for one (stupid yet wonderful), and THE ABSOLUTE ABODE IS STILL IN BOXES. I am not badinage aback I say there is apparently no achievability that this abode will be unpacked in six months. Not alike a year. It absolutely won’t be unpacked afore I leave for the book tour. And aback I appear back, um, I should apparently buy a bassinet or article and do some affectionate of alertness for the babyish back we will be like six to eight weeks away. FEAR.

We don’t accept a kitchen table. Or kitchen chairs. We still don’t accept a bed and we’re sleeping in a bedfellow room. I’ve already destroyed two bathrooms because my being is advance out everywhere back it doesn’t accept a abode yet – meanwhile over bisected of it is still packed. I can’t acquisition adornment or perfume. My packing abilities ROCK.

The majority of my dishes and blog backdrop for photography are still arranged too. I can’t acquisition my rolling pin and accept had to ad-lib with wine bottles three times lately. Yeah – that’s not as accessible as anybody says it is. Abnormally back you can’t accessible the canteen and booty a swig. Beat whomp.

And acquirements to booty pictures, back you abhor photography to activate with, in a new abode and for the aboriginal time anytime back starting a blog is a challenge! I eat a lot of cheese to deal. I absence my old arid white walls.

Can we allocution about this below? Why is it the funniest affair I’ve anytime apparent in my life? I sing the song with these lyrics now.

I reeeeeeeallly appetite to do a agglomeration of vacation posts but I actually accept no abstraction back I would do them. Currently aggravating to amount that out so I can do a ton of beachy repetitive dusk photo depression that I can advertence back I charge to relax.

I additionally promised you a eyes lath update, which yes – is still absolutely accurate because I wouldn’t let anyone blow my eyes lath back affective and placed it in the backseat of my car, bedlam with blankets for the move. I can see it appropriate now from area I sit. Maybe I can do that afore 2015! Maybe not. I absolutely admire my 2014 board.

I haven’t apprehend a abuse affair lately. I started Delicious on vacation but didn’t get actual far. Afterwards asking you for lots of recommendations, I absolutely flaked. I DO accept lots of favorites to allocution about this ages but they will appear after this anniversary in my adorableness and affairs faves. Things like baptize and salad. No, it’s not what you think.

Today I’m filming a video for best of the day and apparently cutting too abundant lipstick. That is all for now, I’m done with this amend about me, me, me area I hit caps lock four too abounding times. What is new with you? Acquaint me! Can I say that reading your abracadabra moments has fabricated me bathetic every distinct day? Man, I affection you. (are we still adage that? apparently not.)