tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Can we allocution about these peanut adulate s’moreos? Killing me smalls.

2. Somehow I got my easily on an Arhaus archive (or the cosmos beatific it to me for authentic ache purposes only) and while I adulation the chairs… accept you anytime noticed how abounding of them are photographed alfresco in streams and dupe and forests? Like hey, let’s aloof booty this $6000 armchair out into the mud and booty some pics of it, that will advertise it.

3. I can’t appreciate these new cappuccino flavored potato chips. Has anyone approved them? They complete like one of the affliction things on apple to me appropriate now but… you apperceive my tastes are off.

4. Speaking of, I’ve changed aback to my adolescence and aloof appetite to eat cheddar chex mix all the time. If this could be recreated to accomplishment at home, that would be awesome. But it can’t. There is no way to carbon it.

5. I should apparently address a book on the affliction way to backpack your home for a move. I’d put being in boxes and again there would be added allowance so I’d bandy alike added accidental being in but again it’s not like you can characterization the box with every distinct affair (or you can and I’m lazy) and now I’m affairs bedding out of boxes with toothpaste and steak knives.

6. I can’t stop announcement this song. It’s been love/hate.

7. I’m appealing abiding that Masters of Sex has taken over the top atom for my admired appearance in the summer. I can’t get over how abundant I adulation it – alike if it makes me annoyed at times but not in the abject abhorrent way that GIRLS does. I accept a drove on Michael Sheen. You apperceive that I’m captivated about one affair that happened on Accurate Claret this accomplished anniversary but I won’t say for abhorrence of spoiling. Still not abundant to save it for me though. I don’t apperceive which I’m added aflame about for fall: Sons of Chaos or Walking Dead. AHHHH.

8. Also, let’s allocution about the added agitative affair this week: Bluff Week! But whyyyyy can’t it be like it acclimated to? Now it’s all about like conflicting sharks and lochness monster sharks and abnormal sharks. I like bluff anniversary from 1995.

9. Over the weekend my accessory showed me how to accumulate my buzz belletrist on lowercase ALL THE TIME. Why is lowercase so abundant cuter? My elementary academy agents are dying central appropriate now but that’s the alone way I admiration to address my words.