tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I am ASSUREDLY athirst again! Its huge, it’s huge. I’m still not cool into sweets or alike donuts, but I can eat a accomplished one as against one bite. YES. Tomorrow we are activity to get my best admired blooming donuts in all the land.

2. Asleep over these pretzel biscuit rolls. Aloof back I anticipation they couldn’t get better.

3. I tweeted this, but on Saturday I bought a dust buster/dirt devil and it was actively the highlight of my week. I don’t apperceive what the aberration is amid those two but I got a crazy 2014 adaptation that apparently won’t authority up to it’s 1985 counterpart. Oh well. This has fabricated a huge aberration in my life.

4. You should absolutely accept to the 2000’s hip hop pandora station. Angelic throwback.

5. Puhlease acquaint me you are afterward Bev’s instagram. I can’t accord with it.

6. Not accessible for abatement at all yet but I array of appetite to buy all the abatement candles. Why do I accept to be a crazy candle lady? I abhorrence it.

7. Kinda in adulation with this close monologue of addition with writer’s block. I can’t alike acquaint you how abounding times I’ve accounting being absolutely like this bottomward on a page. Or typed it. It’s appealing funny to deathwatch up to the abutting morning.

8. Back we larboard for vaca this weekend I didn’t get to watch TV yet… besides Accurate Blood. I abhorrence the Jessica/Hoyt storyline. I abhorrence the Bill storyline. WHY AM I STILL WATCHING. It’s a trainwreck. I did watch the aftermost adventure of Masters of Sex about 35 times and I additionally watched a agglomeration of Citizenry reruns while I was unpacking/packing aftermost week. Dude the scenes in division one amid Carrie and Brody were so blench worthy. The previews for this advancing division are like… WTF? That appearance has absolutely jumped the shark.

9. Eddie has been a abundant added adventuresome eater than I accept lately, alike if he did adjustment a pork attic bold it was pulled pork.  But he additionally got a lobster pot pie, which was like heaven on earth. I am so authoritative that. WHAT IS HAPPENING.