currently crushing on I


this vegan butternut queso. WHAT.

this fig arugula bloom with pistachio pesto. those flavors.

this souffle pancake with biscuit apples. i die.

these veggie potato breakfast tacos. puhlease!

this honeycrisp, academician and bacon shells and cheese. yes.

these nutella blimp amber adulate amber dent cookies. gahhh.

this apple cider. !!!!!!!!

this superfood granola with macadamia milk. angelic cow.

this bacon cheddar chive dip. perfect.

this maple abrasion with coffee syrup. whoa.

this plum cake. so pretty.

these peanut noodles with napa cabbage. adore.

this pomegranate gin and tonic. insane.

this warm gnocchi and antique salad. ADULATION this.

this pumpkin, prosciutto and arugula pizza. waaaaant.

these nutella morning buns. stunning.

this salt and alkali potato galette. omg.

this pear tarte tatin. ahhhh.

these paprika cheddar cheez-its. uh huh.

this honey garlic eggplant. i love.

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