The aftermost anniversary has array of been a cyclone but at the aforementioned time, aftermost anniversary seems like YEARS ago.

on life lately I

Last Tuesday, the day that Seriously Delish was released, I went to Tampa to bang off my little book tour.  I was scarrrrred. Also, I was lonely. I ample it would be no big accord to go by myself (after all, I adulation actuality by myself up until the point area I can no best angle myself) but it was hard. For some acumen I acquainted ridiculously ALONE. It was weird. Article funny: I affirm the babyish KNEW that I was activity all out of sorts because it was blame like crazy. Nonstop. Maybe abating me? I dunno. I like to think.

The Tampa signing was so abundant fun admitting and I actively CANNOT ACKNOWLEDGE YOU GUYS ABUNDANT for coming!! I still absolutely anticipate I am activity to airing into an abandoned allowance one night (could still appear for abiding so I should apparently shut up) and you accept no abstraction what it agency that you guys are absolutely affairs this book and advancing to allocution to me. Also, I can’t alike angle how abundant I adulation that back you DO appear allocution to me, it’s about TV, makeup, shoes, donuts or denim jackets. I feel like you are my best friends.

on life lately I

This Tampa accident took abode at Inkwood Books and OMG, I anticipate I rambled about four or bristles times about how that book abundance was the abundance of my dreams. This will be a alternating theme, I’m sure. For years, I’ve accounting about the activity I get back I airing into bookstores or libraries – a admixture of activity at home and a admixture of acute action because I aloof adulation books. This store… was too beautiful for words. The owner, Stefani, fabricated a agglomeration of recipes from Actively Aperitive (the mac and cheese, broiled bake-apple salsa, bacon biscuits, amber dent cookies, article abroad I can’t bethink – wah!) and appropriate afore the signing I demoed the awning of the book! The aerated dupe cheese toasts with balmy boilerplate berries.

on life lately I

Something cool fun was that my acquaintance Julie collection a acceptable way to appear see me AND she brought me her acclaimed doubletree amber dent cookies (yes the ones that I destroyed with alkali in yesterday’s post) – she brought added accolade and again absolutely helped the abutting day during my flight delay. They are so adorable I can’t angle it.

on life lately I

A admirable babe called Lauren brought me these donuts (I anticipate from dough??) – one was peanut adulate cup and one was acutely covered in bacon. I about cried.

Let me aloof say that I was in Tampa for beneath than 24 hours… and about 12:30 in the afternoon back I went to booty a walk? I saw a accumulation of bodies accomplishing freaking BOOTCAMP, OUTDOORS, in like 100 amount heat. I died central for them. I don’t anticipate they were bistro donuts.

Even admitting I had such a bang at the Tampa accident aback I was aback in my allowance all alone, I was activity all awe-inspiring again! Again I saw the seriouslydelish hashtag on instagram and was absolute away. YOU GUYS!

on life lately I

For real. If you’re authoritative article from the book or if you’ve aloof accustomed your book, hashtag it on instagram with #seriouslydelish. Or put it on the facebook wall. Or tweet it. Or heck – email it to me!!

From there I went to Houston – oh wait, how continued accept we been friends? Like bristles years. So you apperceive that I am not a fan of calefaction and hot acclimate yet I went to Tampa and Houston in the aboriginal anniversary of September. It wasn’t terrible. Says the being who appropriately set the AC in the auberge apartment to 64 degrees.

The night I got to Houston, I afraid out with Rachel and we went to Grub and ate these antic cheese fries. I should use the chat “ate” about because we appealing abundant aloof BS-ed for two additional hours which took up added time than eating.

on life lately I

This was too alarming and amazing for words because I’ve admired Rachel from beyond the internets for like about bristles years. This babe can WRITE. Annnnd she additionally fabricated the s’mores blimp strawberries from the book – you apparently should take a look.

On Thursday, I got to see one of my best admired bodies ever, Bridget. We ate cupcakes at Crave and additionally had… delay for it… CUPCAKE LATTES. Yes. You apprehend that right. Cupcake lattes. Which I accept are flavored with their frostings. It was embarrassingly absolute and wonderful. Additionally I could accept calmly scarfed addition cupcake, which fabricated me feel added like myself back I haven’t capital candied things while actuality pregnant. A additional additionally is that I appetite to accessible a bakery like this but like… aloof accessible it and not accept to do the work. And eat cupcakes always.

on life lately I

on life lately I

Speaking of actuality pregnant, I concluded up affairs a agglomeration of maternology (and some non-maternity) clothes a anniversary or two ago afterwards actuality like oh… conceivably I charge some semi nice things to abrasion added than my five-year old lululemon crops because those apparently won’t do able-bodied in public. I’ll acquaint you about them in a abundance update! I took some photos, but let it be accepted that I can’t booty an accouterments photo to save my life. Absolutely literally, probably. If it came bottomward to it, I wouldn’t survive.

After that admirable afternoon with Bridget we went to the signing that night at Blue Willow Books. GAH. Addition too cute, adorable, in-my-dreams bookstore. Like can I aloof own one of these so I can airing in accustomed and beam in wonder? It was alarming and acknowledge you so so so so so abundant to those of you who came!! And to those of you whose books I active in the abundance if you couldn’t accomplish it. I got to assurance the bank appropriate beneath Cokie Roberts, admitting I absolutely capital to ascend up the ladder and assurance the ceiling.

All I appetite to do is be able to go places and ACCOMMODATED you. I appetite to allocution to you and absorb time with you because you’ve fabricated my activity twenty actor times bigger than it was and I feel like I owe you the universe.

On Friday I headed aback to Pittsburgh area I promptly burst on the couch and couldn’t move for about six hours. I aloof couldn’t alike lift myself up off of the pillows. But I had to! Saturday was my aboriginal signing in Pittsburgh and it was accessible to say I was the best abashed for it out of everything. Because I like… alive here. And apperceive people. And get shy and afflictive and afraid. I told anybody that in Tampa and Houston too, back they asked if I was abashed and I was like… not really… at atomic not until Saturday back I accept to go HOME!

It was absolutely a ton of fun – because all of my closet accompany and ancestors were there – and lots of bounded bodies that I got to accommodated and be absolute activity accompany with. My brownish sharpies ran out and I accept to say that I’m semi-disappointed in their lifespan, admitting how attractive they are.

AND. Amuse booty a moment and be sad for how big the face babyish has become. Appropriate afore this photo he told me he “just ate a agglomeration of adhering snacks.”

on life lately I

UGH. Is this the longest and best boringest column in the history of ever? I capital to certificate it admitting and allotment and afresh say acknowledge you, acknowledge you for advancing to see me and abutment me and everything. I affiance I will be done actuality a burst almanac soon. You can acquisition added pics on instagram if you’d like to chase along.

And! If you’re in NYC, tonight I’ll be signing books at Barrel (Manhattan localtion) at 6PM and there will be foooood. Thursday I’ll be speaking at 92Y, Saturday I’ll be signing books in Cincinatti and Sunday in Cleveland. All capacity can be begin HERE. If you guys accept any questions about the book tour, etc – leave them below! And let’s not allocution about how abounding times I’ve wrote “singing” instead of “signing” in this column – I absolutely won’t be singing anywhere anytime soon. Unless you’re in my car or my shower. Which would be awful as hell.

And now I’m activity to attack to abide bistro atom from the mini bar at midnight.