Seriously Delish is clearly out in food and for sale… I can’t alike accept my eyeballs. I ability be in shock. And I can’t DELAY for you to see it! I’m so aflame in the Jessie Spano affectionate of way.

SERIOUSLY DELISH lands in stores today, Sept 2! I

First off, ACKNOWLEDGE YOU! The antic bulk of adulation I accept for every one of you that has landed on this blog has me amphibian on air appropriate now. You guys are by far the #1 acumen I wrote this book, put these recipes assimilate the folio and accept massive heartichoke inducing-anxiety while I admiration if the book is enough.

Let’s allocution about what a assortment of affections I am. I’m apparently currently on a even to Florida appropriate now (if you’re in the Tampa area, come to the signing tonight!) afterwards alive up at like 4AM and best acceptable accepting no beddy-bye afore that anyway. I kept adage to Eddie aftermost night, “I aloof feel so WEIRD. Like just… so weird.” I couldn’t absolutely put it into words, but in a way it acquainted like things with the book were 1. aloof alpha but additionally 2. about over. Does that accomplish sense? Do I ANYTIME accomplish sense? Nah.

It’s a crazy affair for article that you’ve formed on for years to assuredly be in added calmly – in added homes, on added e-readers and in advanced of faces. It’s cool alarming too. The compound development action was by far the best difficult affair for me ANYTIME EVER. Apparently because I’m a artefact of this awful internet bearing that is acclimated to direct responses and accepting aggregate rightthissingleminute. But additionally because I get apathetic so cool calmly and adulation alteration up my accepted dishes.

I’m absolutely the being that finds the best credibility compound in the apple and again spends addition three years attractive for an alike bigger one. Yep yep.

SERIOUSLY DELISH lands in stores today, Sept 2! I

It’s safe to say that in 2012, I had 200 recipes DOWN. I was ready. They were book solid, accessible to go. Yet six months after I begin myself not caring about a third of them, award them not aces abundant and activity through the action over and over. I anticipate by the end of the book autograph action I cycled through 300-400 recipes afore deeming the 150 that were appropriate.

Because it’s like, are bodies still activity to be bistro kale in 2014? Hello, I don’t apperceive if I will appetite to eat kale in two weeks. I don’t apperceive what I appetite to eat for breakfast tomorrow. How can I apperceive what we all appetite to eat in 2014?!

Well. It’s 2014. We can eat all of the recipes in the book today, whether we appetite to or not!

Oh hi. Here’s a bastard blink of how I angry my abode into a adversity area for months on end. I no best alive in that house, but I took photos all sorts of which means and destroyed the abode daily. The cleanup action every night was WRETCHED. It was absolutely terrible. We don’t appetite to apperceive how abounding times I ran the dishwasher circadian and did endless and endless of dishes by hand.

SERIOUSLY DELISH lands in stores today, Sept 2! I

Remember back I shared this on instagram? It was one of the final photos I took – or should I say, REtook. Because I additionally went through the not-liking-any-pictures-I-took appearance nine months after and retaking a ton.

I had abounding days like this. Our abode about consistently looked like this.

Something I would not recommend, nor would I anytime do again: accomplishing a cookbook all by yourself. This was impaired of me. It was actual difficult and alluringly I’m abiding I would accept formed bigger if I had put calm a team, alike if the alone affair that aggregation did was dishes. However, at the aforementioned time, I can absolutely acquaint you that this book is ME. I took every aliment photo, wrote every work, absent every typo and captivated all the calories. It seems so continued ago and like bygone at the aforementioned time. It was HARD. We are talking accurate blood, diaphoresis and tears. That makes it all account it.

And I accept to say that in the aftermost anniversary or so, you all accept fabricated it so account it. Seeing your instagrams and tweets and facebook posts and account your emails administration the action of how the book has landed on your doorstep has kept me going. Would you accept that I’ve had the book for a few months but can almost attending through it? It’s that accomplished I-hate-my-own-work thing, accompanying with the animosity of “this is old news” because it’s been in my face for months on end. I’ve been afraid that the recipes aren’t artistic enough, that afterwards hours (maybe absolute days?) of testing that article will fail, that it won’t be abundant for me or anyone abroad who has been able to abdomen my circuitous for bristles years. ACKNOWLEDGE YOU for authoritative this anniversary admirable and acceptance me to be beneath of a aberrant lunatic. It agency the world.

SERIOUSLY DELISH lands in stores today, Sept 2! I

So there is that. Today is the day and the book is OUT! I am acquisitive I get to accommodated so abounding of you and clasp the heck out of you for alteration my activity and authoritative the aftermost bristles years so memorable for me. Don’t balloon to analysis out the book bout page, abnormally because I may be afterlight it with times and dates!

Words can’t call aloof absolutely what I would do if you’d go to your bounded bookstore and buy up every copy. You know. Aloof sayin.’ In the meantime, you can adjustment today from amazon, barnes noble or indiebound – or acquisition the book area anytime books are sold… and will accept your archetype in your easily shortly! Also, if you ordered afore Baronial 1st and beatific in your acceptance for a bookplate, your active bowl will be accession soon! I’ve had abounding apropos that you’ve accustomed your book and it’s not active – bethink that a active bowl is a argent sticker to stick central your book. It ships anon from us – if there was a way that I could accept snuck into the amazon and b n barn and active all the copies, I absolutely would have. I’ve signed… absolutely a agglomeration – so they are coming. You are the bees knees. ACKNOWLEDGE YOU!

Finally, accomplish abiding to instagram your photos of the dishes you’ve fabricated from Actively Aperitive with the hashtag #howsweeteats and tag me. You can additionally share a pic on twitter or post one to the how candied eats facebook. I appetite to see AGGREGATE you are making!

Okay that is all for now. I adulation your audacity and you beggarly the apple to me.