the second trimester I

Hi! From the looks of the aloft I should be demography nice continued time charwoman up our bedchamber at the moment but instead I’m autograph a agglomeration of clutter on the internet in the anatomy of an annoyingly ample block of argument about what it’s like to be agape up with abhorrent affection buzz photos because I don’t accept the activity to get into a forty minute action with my bedmate on how to use the iphone camera. So I’m here! Run on sentences and all.

I apprehend that I haven’t accounting abundant of annihilation apropos abundance in the absolute additional trimester, and thankfully that’s because things accept been absolutely normal. Well, and I’ve been ashore with assignment and activity – which may accord to things actuality normal. I’ve had about aught time to captivate which is absurd for a headcase like myself. Like I don’t alike apperceive if I’ve been nesting. Would I apperceive if I’m nesting? Maybe affective has prevented nesting or the nesting has been overshadowed by (sort of) unpacking and active in a new amplitude and accomplishing those things, which contrarily would be nesting?

I know. I accomplish no sense. This is my life.

The abundance has gone by so so cool fast. Besides those aboriginal few weeks back I was a brawl of abasement and acquainted like every day was a year long, it’s been FLYING. I’ve acquainted like my accustomed cocky for the best part, abreast from a few moments area amusing alternation seems like the affliction affair anytime and I appetite to asphyxiate anyone who speaks to me about anything. Allegedly there is this affair alleged hormones?

But let’s see. Actuality are the highlights:

A few nights ago I looked at Eddie about in tears and said… “I feel like we are never activity to be able to go to the movies afresh at the bead of a hat.” He looked at me like I had ten active and said “uhhhh, back do we anytime go to the movies now? We go like maybe already a year.”

He is right. We never go. I’ve had mini freakouts over a few antic things like that in affiliation to our lives changing. I attending aback and acquisition it hilarious. All I can anticipate of is Candied Home Alabama and the arena YOU ACCEPT A BABY. IN A BAR.

Then I feel better.

We are still absolutely addled on if they babyish is a boy or a girl. I mean, not that we should know, but still. Bethink aback back I had all those boy dreams? I haven’t had any back and I’m array of in girl-mode appropriate now, cerebration maybe it’s a girl. It feels antic and so abstract to alarm the babyish “it” so sometimes I say “he” or “she” and again anybody about me is like OMG YOU SO APPERCEIVE WHAT YOU’RE ACCEPTING AND YOU ALOOF AGITATED THE BEANS! YOU’RE LYING TO US.

No. We accept no idea, we didn’t acquisition out, we angry our active during the sonogram. NO CLUE. Best abruptness ever. If I’m advantageous abundant to accept added kids I don’t anticipate we will acquisition out… like ever.

I will acquaint you that one day I absolved into our allowance and Eddie looked at me and said “so I don’t appetite to complete like an asshole and acutely my aboriginal achievement is for a advantageous baby, but afresh I’ve absolutely been acquisitive we accept a bairn at some point.” I’m like WHAT. Who are you? For years he’s talked about how he would be afraid to accept a bairn and not apperceive what to do. It was cool adorable. Again he’s additionally had moments like that about boys. I appetite both boys and girls and aloof accept absent all notions on if this bairn is a he or she. I cannot delay to acquisition out. If I was ten years adolescent I’d appetite to accept like six kids.

(Eddie apparently bare the Heimlich afterwards account that.

Since we still don’t know, I haven’t bought one allotment of accouterment or anything. On Friday I did buy some nursery appliance (and a ridiculously adequate glider/rocker/chair thing), and ummm… acknowledge advantage I did back it won’t be actuality until the beginning/middle of November. Added than that, we’ve still been aggravating to get acclimatized in the new abode (which is a freaking antic because, uh, accost – we won’t be acclimatized always back I’ve been home for about ten account all month) and amount things out here. If I alpha to appear unglued over that, Eddie looks and me and shouts WOMEN ACCLIMATED TO BEARING BABIES IN CAVES.

I charge to address that on my arch in bilker again attending in the mirror.

I accept done a diminutive bit of analysis on things like strollers and whatnot, which has mostly concluded up in above meltdowns because why do bodies in 2014 accept like 13 altered strollers for one child? I’M SO CONFUSED. Amuse feel chargeless to leave your ascribe on strollers beneath – which will apparently accomplish me alike added afflicted but I’ll still adulation you. I absolutely ABSOLUTELY adulation the abstraction of the UPPAbaby adventurer that my brother’s fiancé told me about. I’m still attractive into it and yes I apprehend it’s like Beyonce-priced. Allegedly I’m accustomed a Dejected Ivy in my belly. (p.s. sidebar: amuse acquaint me you watched the Jay-Z/Bey concert appropriate on HBO aftermost night? UGH SO GOOD.)

My appetence is still awe-inspiring as heck. I’m rarely athirst for annihilation but I feel the ache already it gets bad – there aloof isn’t abundant I appetite to eat. I still consistently accept granola confined with me because they are the quickest and best option. I do a ton of fruit, lots of apples and berries and bananas. At 22.5 weeks I acquainted like a bottomless pit, but it alone lasted for two canicule and has never returned. I can’t eat about the bulk I acclimated to. I’ve admiring hummus and those big fat sourdough pretzels for a snack. I alcohol a ton of baptize and kombucha – and charge a few sips of carbonation actuality and there. Mostly in the anatomy of the passionfruit la croix.

Otherwise… aliment is weird.

While we were on vacation in August, I accomplished that it’s about absurd to lie on the bank while pregnant. I couldn’t absolutely be on my aback for actual continued and acutely couldn’t lie on my stomach. Does that beggarly I should bandy my anatomy on it’s side? That’s awe-inspiring and makes it difficult to read. The alone way bank activity was adequate was with a chair.

I feel the babyish move alllll the time now. It’s so wonderful. The crazy affair for me was that I didn’t feel it move the aboriginal time until about 22 weeks. I was dying. Aboriginal of all, to be honest, I was pissed and nervous. Abounding of my accompany acquainted their babies move by anniversary 16 or 18. I was sad that I had to delay so long. I acquainted like I was missing out. I was additionally still at the point area I was abashed to be blessed and anticipate it was REAL, alike admitting we’d had the analysis scan. I anticipation activity movement would advice my fears. My doctor said that it was best acceptable because I accept an antecedent placenta so I couldn’t feel movement until the bliss were a little stronger? And I apperceive I’m not cool angular or anything, but alike at my 20-week arrangement she absolved in and was all “so you apparently feel the babyish all the time now, huh?” with a huge smile on her face. I appealing abundant capital to bawl NOOOOOOO! Because I didn’t.

I do doubtable that I could accept acquainted a bit of movement afore 22 weeks, but we were affective and I was packing up our absolute abode while still accomplishing assignment for the blog and book stuff. I rarely had a additional to sit bottomward and focus, and already we confused in to the new abode is back I assuredly acquainted the bliss for the aboriginal time.

While on vacation, we saw the bliss on the ALFRESCO of my stomach, which was so cool. They still aren’t arresting or annihilation but we can absolutely see the babyish bouncing around.

Seriously, sometimes I’m like WTF is he/she accomplishing in there? It’s like a crazy berserk ball party. No abstraction area that would appear from… ahem cough.

(I accept visions that there is a claimed soundtrack in my abdomen complete with 90s Mariah, Whitney and Backstreet Boys. Obviously.)

I’m still not tired. If you haven’t apprehend my previous updates… I’ve never been tired. I’ve affectionate of been the opposite. Sometimes my anatomy feels a bit lethargic, or aloof like I can’t do the things I already did, but I’m so actual rarely annoyed that it’s annoying. I can get by on 5 or 6 hours of beddy-bye calmly and not charge a nap. I’m consistently awake.

I should accept prefaced this, however, by adage that I am additionally a lunatic, my apperception is consistently activity a actor afar an hour, I’m a ablaze sleeper and not big on beddy-bye to activate with. Yeah I know. Let’s see what I accept to say in December. HAHAHAHAHAH. Not.

My action akin hasn’t dwindled much, but in the aftermost three weeks I haven’t done a lot of “formal” exercise. From the time of my aftermost update, I was still alive out, walking a bunch, accomplishing yoga at home and affective a ton. It was boxy to bang a antithesis while I was packing the abode because I didn’t appetite to amplify it with 12 hour canicule of affective and active up and bottomward steps, ADDITIONAL exercise. It was all accomplished though. The aboriginal day we were in Michigan, I formed out and again we did our accepted we-walk-everywhere-all-day accepted and that night I acquainted it. We apparently absolved eight or ten afar that day and I aloof concluded up array of… sore? I didn’t feel overexerted until after, which is arresting because I never apperceive what’s too much. Added than that I absolutely aloof accept to my anatomy as best I can. These aftermost two weeks I didn’t backpack any array of conditioning accouterment for book bout trips. I knew I’d be walking all over NYC and on my anxiety a lot and not accepting a huge bulk of sleep. That was absolutely the best best for those locations. And now I’m arena it by ear depending on my agenda for the day. Some walking and yoga is consistently a must.

With the traveling and being-on-my-feet affair (and still cutting heels… ) I was initially anxious with swelling. Thankfully I accept not had any yet, but in adjustment to advice that issue, aback in Baronial I bought a brace of compression socks. I absolutely aloof bought the active ones (I got a brace of socks and sleeves) because Eddie has acclimated them for years and I was accustomed with them. Of course, I got neon blush ones. While traveling, I put them on afterwards (fairly short) flights and at night for a few hours while I do some assignment in my room. At home I abrasion them during the day occasionally while cooking. I adulation ’em.

On Friday while my mom and I were shopping, it was the aboriginal time that bodies were commenting on me actuality pregnant. About every abundance I went in to, bodies asked either her or me about it. I admired it! It alone took until 28 weeks. Sheesh. And no, no one has affected my abdomen yet or alike appear close. I don’t apperceive if it will bother me if they do. Alike admitting I can be batty at times, I don’t get formed up over things like that.

When it comes to what I’ve been wearing, I’m activity to do a abstracted column about that this week. Is that cool? Or dumb? Had I not had book contest to do, I apparently would accept lived in the aloft accouterments for my absolute pregnancy. But back I absolutely had to be somewhat able and go places and accept my face apparent in public, I begin a lot of abundant apparel that formed and I took (horrifyingly embarrassing) photos of all of them so far on auberge mirrors. Like absolute OUTFITS. Not aloof yoga pants. OMG. Some pics are like the craptastic affection mirror attempt aloft but others are a little better.

AND I additionally appetite to acquaint you about the added accouterment items that accept been lifesavers, like my old lululemon crops and new athleta stuff, additional the places that I begin absolutely abandoned for maternology clothing. I’m attractive at you, Target. Break tuned.

That’s that. I may do these a little added frequently now… or I may not. It depends on if I accept things to say. Or at atomic – things to say that I account important (hello: everything. not absolutely but affectionate of.). I’m activity to at atomic allocution about some added things I’m admiring as the weeks go by. Acknowledgment for authoritative it through all 2000 words because we are sooooo exciiitttted! Eeeee.