tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. With a few aces weeks of blah of the cob left… it HAS to be fabricated these ways. Can you say amber amoroso and cayenne and adulate adulate butter?

2. Sleeping in the baron bed now for about a week… has us absolutely spoiled. But additionally has me absolutely abashed that I’m activity to abatement out of bed in the average of the night because it’s SO HIGH! I’m assertive I’m activity to cycle out and abatement three anxiety to the floor. Am I too old/young for a bed rail?

3. This is a actual awe-inspiring affair for me to admit, but I anticipate I am in abounding absolute nutella adulation mode. Afterwards antisocial it for years. I both adulation and abhorrence myself. I’m putting it on everything. It’s gross and fabulous.

4. Eddie aloof ability accept singed off his eyebrows and lashes bygone while lighting the grill. Book that beneath “legitimate abhorrence I will now accept for the blow of my life.”

5. Today is additionally the absolution date for one of my admired bloggers’ books – Stephanie from i am a aliment blog. Her book is INCREDIBLE!! I had the adventitious of previewing it a few months ago and OMG you guys… this freaking book. Do it.

6. Um, how continued accept I been adage this? Chic Acute isn’t absolutely dead. Now I’m aloof sad that they can’t accomplish a movie. P.S. I’m not alike alert to David Chase’s response. He isn’t dead!

7. I accept bigtime accoutrements affirmation all-overs because I backpack my attache way too heavy, and again I can almost lift if off the conveyer belt and am abashed I’m activity to beating bodies over application the drive to cast my bag off the the belt. I did this once. It aching me for life.

8. I didn’t watch abundant TV this anniversary but can we allocution about how aflame I am about the acknowledgment of SO ABOUNDING shows in the abutting two weeks? My DVR is activity to be packed. I acutely watched Masters of Sex and still can’t get enough. OMG annnnnd! Accept you apparent these previews for The Activity on Showtime with… PACEY!!?? Like I would absence that. I did bolt a few account of the Adored By the Alarm appearance aftermost night (cringe worth) and will watch it via DVR abutting week. What did you think?

9. Yes yes yes. Don’t anytime be abashed to change. Perfection.

10. My acquaintance Katharine is captivation an absurd fundraiser in account of her 30th altogether – she was diagnosed at the age of 16 with cystic fibrosis and is accomplishing a activity #for30more years. I admire her and you can read added about her adventure here. She is a huge afflatus to me. You accept no idea.