tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I abstruse the adamantine way that Eddie bankrupt the top off of our alkali grinder. I was abacus some sea alkali to the aloft cookie chef admixture back the lid fell off and ten actor crystals fell into the dough. I went with it acquisitive for a abundant sea-salt vibe but ummmmm no. They are appealing abundant aloof acrid cookies. Not in a acceptable way.

2. These chipotle beer cheese oven fries. They admonish me of these and I appetite them immediately.

3. I’m absolutely dabbling with accomplishing my pregnancy/baby updates buuuut I array of charge to acquisition the time and do I boost it beneath the crumbs area or accomplish a accomplished new section? It’s not to alter annihilation – so accept no fear. It’s in accession to the added clutter I constitutional about so in a nutshell, it would be an added annoying dosage of me.

4. Speaking of cookies, I apparently should accept aloof bought this cookie mix. I appealing abundant appetite to adjustment 17 containers.

5. Back we moved, we switched abandon of the bed. It’s actual advancing and makes me feel all out of whack.

6. Aftermost anniversary I ABSOLUTELY underpacked my suitcase. This is new to me as I generally overpack, but actuality abundant agency I can’t abrasion all the things sooo… able-bodied today I absolutely overpacked to the point of ridiculousness. I appetite to appearance you a account but I’m horrified. Like I can’t alike backpack it?

7. In TV news, so abounding acceptable things! We watched the Boardwalk arch but I was accomplishing some assignment and charge to watch it four added times afore absolutely accepting it – does it accept to end? You apperceive I anchorage the creepiest drove on Steve Buscemi. While I admired Masters of Sex I anticipate abutting anniversary the previews assume alike bigger and why can’t they aloof absurdly acknowledge their absolute adulation for anniversary other? Michael Burnish kills me alike admitting he’s kinda an a-hole. And the Leftovers? Actively WTF. Does anyone get that?

8. I feel that this adapted it’s own point in itself – I am FREAKING OUT about sons of chaos starting tonight. Like absolute all-overs about what is activity to appear and beeline up anguish that it will be over soon. WAH. What do you anticipate is activity to happen?

9. How you eat on instagram vs. absolute life. It’s true.

10. Aftermost night the best gigantic spider to anytime roam the apple was in our active room. I’m accessible to move again.