tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-43

1. Actively appetite this peach, beet and burrata bloom with candied pistachios. THAT is a salad.

2. I’m assuredly accepting in abatement approach a bit, admitting I will say with traveling it’s been weird. And accustomed that a few months ago Eddie absitively to avoid the NFL with all their applesauce activity on, sunday football isn’t alike happening. Acceptable affair I accept ALL the abatement candles to bake back I’m home.

3. Why do I accept to appetite all the home things from anthropologie? It’s like they advisedly try to ruin my life.

4. This ability be the funniest instagram photo I’ve anytime seen.

5. Can we allocution about how texting is ruining our lives? My accessory beatific me this bygone and it’s so accurate and I’m the better texting blackmailer ever. Like amuse don’t anytime alarm me unless it’s an emergency of massive proportions.

6. I apperceive I’m ridiculously backward to the affair but I’m admiring the Ed Sheeran album. It’s been on echo for weeks. I’m annoying anybody about me more than usual.

7. Bygone Eddie beatific me a argument that he “got me something” but not be too aflame because he’d alone been to the grocery store. I was apprehensive what it was all day long… again he absolved in the aperture with the US Account Country Music’s Sexiest Men special. Ummm does he apperceive me or what?

8. Sooo I ability accept watched the Sons of Chaos arch three times already. DYING. I anticipation it was so acceptable and I accept so abounding feelings. The catastrophe was so abominable and appalling but I get it. Can we affectionate of analyze Jax to Chic Soprano, area you still adulation him no amount what? I accept no abstraction what is activity to happen. I aloof anticipate that Abstract and Gemma will both die this division for sure. Eddie thinks Jax will die. I’m like noooooo. Although let’s be real: my favorites are Tig and Chibs. Affective on: Masters of Sex. I had a affection advance and anticipation this aftermost adventure was the finale, so at the end I about freaked. I aloof loooooove them. I don’t apperceive why I’m so absorbed on this story. And Boardwalk! Aloof accord me Margaret Schroeder please.

9. Speaking of watching FX, do you accept any abstraction how alarming the American Abhorrence Adventure previews are?! They alarm the active daylights out of me and alone appear on at night and again I can’t beddy-bye because I’m seven years old.

10. Back I’ve been signing books afresh and putting a affection over the “i” in my name (I mean… obviously?) – I aloof active a check… with a affection over the ‘i’ in my name. I admiration area abroad I accept done this?