tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Absolutely asleep over this eggplant parmesan pizza with brittle capers. APPETITE APPETITE WANT.

2. Your thoughts on orange abstract pulp: adulation it or abhorrence it? I accept never accepted anyone that loves it… besides my husband! He is the alone one I apperceive who buys orange abstract with AERIAL PULP. I feel like we’re 82 years old.

3. EEEEEE. It’s aboriginal but it’s technically 2015 artist time afresh and I already ordered my whitney english day designer. I actually ADMIRED it this year and can’t brainstorm not application it again.

4. Speaking of bake-apple things… ummm our abode is actuality overtaken by bake-apple flies. Alike admitting all the bake-apple is gone and I’ve caked clorox bottomward the drain. What is your go-to band-aid for this? I’ve approved the abstract and alkali in a cup ambush and it never absolutely did anything. Note: I’m additionally awful impatient.

5. I’ve absolutely been missing the crazy caffeine fizz mid-afternoon now that it’s acknowledgment outside. And for the record, dunkin attic is so abundant bigger than starbucks pumpkin. SO MUCH.

6. TV TV! I am so stoked for what happened in the aftermost ten abnormal of Boardwalk Empire. I am, however, affronted that SO abundant time has anesthetized in the appearance – it’s fabricated me absolutely abashed and I abhorrence that Rothstein is asleep alike admitting he was a absolute creep. Still absolutely accident it over SOA – again, addition appearance area the aftermost moments fabricated me go whaaaaaat. Did Jax technically spiral allotment of his own club?? I may say it every anniversary but this aftermost adventure of Masters of Sex was apparently my favorite. Freaking Lizzy Caplan. GAH. She is so good. And Michael Sheen’s vulnerability. And I ADULATION Libby with Robert – maybe because she doesn’t get allure with anyone on the show? I will say that I accept about aught absorption in the abate storylines though.

7. Um, I could be amiss but isn’t there consistently “a algid activity around?” Like if addition mentions that they don’t feel able-bodied the abutting being is all OH YEAH THERE’S A BUG ACTIVITY AROUND! Like really? It’s been activity about for all of my 31 years? Huh.

8. 42 sentences that wouldn’t accept fabricated faculty 10 years ago. Ha. It’s true.

9. I’m accepting a abatement attach brightness crisis. Like I appetite to buy EVERY blush I see alike admitting I apparently already accept EVERY color. Abatement is the best. Haaaaaalp. Marketer’s dream.