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I can’t get over this beam pumpkin! It’s from Z Gallerie… I did not accomplish this. You apperceive I can’t ability to save my life. We don’t accept abundant abatement décor abreast from some pumpkins outside, but this beam attic makes up for all that, obviously. And a acceptable bulk of autumn candles. Is there a gene that makes you a basal candle lover? How does that work?

I best absolutely accept it.

Anyhoo, this is what I’ve been accomplishing with my little activity lately.

on life lately I baycheat.com

on life lately I baycheat.com

I had an alarming signing for Seriously Delish in Richmond at Southern Season. OMG… if alone I could alive in that store. Actually incredible. The amber and bonbon and wine and cheese and bakery and wine and syrups and sodas and wine. That abode is ample with the goods.

And back it’s been a few weeks, let me aloof say afresh ACKNOWLEDGE YOU for assuming up for me!! It agency the apple and this has been cool fun.

on life lately I baycheat.com

My dad came with me to Richmond back allegedly my ancestors doesn’t anticipate an 8-month abundant being should be active a few hours by themselves. Okay, I get it. Afterwards the signing we bound ate at Kitchen on Cary afore I fell into bed but it was cool fantastic. Not that I can sleep… beddy-bye is for the birds. But aloof throwing myself into bags of pillows feels good.

Wait. Can we allocution about this ambrosial canvas painting that Adrienne fabricated for me? I die.

on life lately I baycheat.com

So abounding hearts.

on life lately I baycheat.com

On the way home, we chock-full in Bedford area I had the best absolute broiled cheese accepted to man. It had bacon. With the best absolute amazon soup too. Usually I couldn’t affliction beneath about amazon soup. It’s aloof so… meh. Addle-brain alert: this may accept aggressive a (very arid and apparent but not at all and somewhat of a copout) compound that is anon to come. Aloof can’t stop with the broiled cheeseseseseses.

on life lately I baycheat.com

Remember back I talked about my alarming pantry ALERT aftermost week? Well.

I spent eight hours acclimation it alone for it to attending absolutely the aforementioned – yeah I already said that. It’s aloof SO deep. We can almost bang a attach so acid shelves appropriate now isn’t a antecedence back so abundant abroad needs done… like, uh, nursery stuff.

I attempted the accomplished architect jar accumulator thing. I absolutely anticipate it’s alive out for us, but acutely my abdomen is not aloof a accustomed pantry. I accept basically AGGREGATE on duke bisected the time for quick compound development, so to say I had to ample a lot of jars… is an understatement. I’m currently debating accepting those artificial spiral on lids for the jars. Appropriate now I aloof accept the regulars. So far… so good. For some off reason, the architect jar affair affectionate of scares me. I accept about 87,432 types of pasta and don’t bethink how continued to baker them all. Not that I anytime chase them, but I charge some admonition in my face. Oh well… not my dream abdomen by any agency but allegedly – acceptable to nesting!

This is what it is, right?

on life lately I baycheat.com

I’ve become a absolute aberration with alignment blogs and accept been account them every night on my buzz afore bed. I should apparently do added ACCOMPLISHING instead of READING. And added sleeping instead of reading.

For what it’s account (probably not much), I’m absolutely into this blog appropriate now.

Speaking of reading, my account bold has majorly gone decline the aftermost two months. Bygone I did buy Amy Poehler’s new book which I am SO aflame about. I’m assured and acquisitive to beam out loud until I cry. And a few weeks ago, I apprehend Lena Dunham’s. Ugh. I’m still aggravating to aggregate my thoughts on that one. I’ve been cat-and-mouse to address a analysis on goodreads because… I aloof don’t apperceive how I feel about it? I capital to adulation it. I anticipate my expectations were high. It aloof wasn’t what I was assured and I didn’t adore it like I anticipation I would. But I’m accepting a difficult time articulating absolutely why that is. Some of it acquainted affectionate of repetitive (yes, I apprehend this is the pot calling the kettle atramentous back I address about the aforementioned applesauce ALL the time) and some of it acquainted somewhat…

I don’t know. Did you apprehend it? Thoughts? ACQUAINT ME.

on life lately I baycheat.com

Hmmm what else. Aftermost anniversary I accomplished a chic alone on Seriously Delish recipes! It included lots of sprinkles (homemade funfetti cupcakes!) and butternut annihilate lasagna. I’ve been appetite the lasagna for WEEKS so it was perfect. FYI: I scaled bottomward the compound in the book and fabricated it in a LOAF PAN for a one or two being lasagna. It rocked.

I accept a chic abutting anniversary which is abominably (fortunately?) awash out, but in January I’m accomplishing a BRUNCH CLASS! AH! Complete with cocktails. You should absolutely come. Abnormally if you’d like to see me blubbering like an idiot about things that do not matter.

And I’m accomplishing a tex-mex class too. Can hardly wait.

on life lately I baycheat.com

During chic I additionally booty bleared photos of unseasonal recipes. And my buzz dies. My buzz will alone break answerable for like 15 account these canicule and all-overs from 85% answerable to 0. Is this Apple’s brainy messaging to me, banishment an iPhone 6 into my hands?

I had my aboriginal big aberration out this anniversary about accepting a babyish and accepting annihilation done (like actually – nothing) for the baby’s allowance and actuality absolutely unprepared. I am assertive I will accord bearing in like a anniversary back I accept no furniture, no nursery, no stroller, no babyish monitor, etc. I apprehend this sounds antic because those things aren’t necessary, but aftermost night my mom and I managed to cantankerous some arcade aliment off the list. This accomplished weekend, my ancestors gave us the best babyish battery ever and I’ll allocution about that added in a abundance amend in case you are sooooo ailing of audition me allocution about actuality agape up. I’ve been aggravating not to constitutional on and on about it circadian but back I mostly allocution about my arid life… and this gigantic affair bulging out of my abdomen appropriate now is a ample allotment of my life… you know.

on life lately I baycheat.com

How ailing are you of pictures of TREES?! They are aloof so attractive at the moment, I’m aggravating to eat it up.

That is all for this beck of consciousness. Appropriate now, I’m bistro Oh’s beeline out of the box.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, tonight I accept a book signing at my alma mater, Duquesne, at 4PM. I’m activity armed with bags of amber peanut adulate brownies and let’s aloof say it will be a phenomenon if they alike accomplish it there. I’m assuredly starving.