tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. So crazy absorbed by this vegan mexican band dip. Appetite it badly.

2. I mentioned this on facebook aftermost week, but I saw that Pizza Hut is bringing aback BOOK IT? Omg. I lived for Book It. A agglomeration of you said it never went away… so maybe it didn’t… but aloof the acknowledgment of it got me all excited. Pizza parties and reading… accost my actual admired things.

3. I would appealing abundant do annihilation for these rose gold nikes. Awash out EVERYWHERE.

4. All I appetite in activity is a BRITTLE cossack maker. I accept gone through assorted cossack makers that alone aftermath bendable ones. Haaaalp me.

5. Because she is the best absurd writer… this column on demography up amplitude and acting small. Adore.

6. You’d anticipate an alternating appellation for my job would be “professional grocery shopper” but I consistently assume to aces the amiss lane in the store. This happened to us on Sunday and we spent 20 account in band fuming.

7. I CHARGE A TV BLOG. I charge amount out how to do this. Anyhoo: Sons of Chaos – asleep over it. Can I aloof say how abundant I adulation the little Chibs storyline? So cute. And now I’m accepting additional thoughts about how I anticipate they ability annihilate Juice. But maybe that is aloof Kurt Sutter’s way of ambrosial to the admirers on his account and again demography him out? Of course. Boardwalk was aback to a little of it’s arid cocky this week, alike admitting I still admire it due to my awkward drove on Steve Buscemi. Accord me added Margaret though. HOMELAND! The alpha was sooo apathetic and boring, but I concluded up accepting into it. I achievement they can accompany this appearance aback from the border of afterlife this season. As a abundant person, I had massive all-overs every time Carrie had the baby. Eeeek. I obvi still adulation me some Saul and if he turns bad I will bandy a tantrum. And I’ll aloof say what we’re all cerebration – ACCORD US ADDED QUINN. Angelic crap. He is a stunner. Oh and Nashville… I am accepting accordance that they will about-face Luke into a bad guy after this season… maybe cheating or something? Cool blessed for Juliette at the end. OMG accept I’m done.

8. 35 activity lessons! boom.

9. This morning I about became the being that bought a close pillow in the airport. The surrounding bacilli are the alone affair that chock-full me.