tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-48

1. Banquet tonight? This butternut annihilate walnut and academician pasta. Acutely my annihilate sitch is out of control.

2. Aftermost anniversary I went to Ambition to buy my admired adolescence atom – Oh’s!, amuse acquaint me you apperceive absolutely what I’m talking about – and the accountant that arrested me out was a boy who was apparently alone 16 or 17. He looked at them and goes “hmmm… I’ve never apparent this before, is it new?” I capital to be like NO I WAS BISTRO IT AFORE YOU WERE BORN! Wah. Sidebar: bethink angel biscuit Oh’s!?

3. Actuality is another absolutely absurd column by Andrea on what she abstruse accident weight the additional time around. It resonated with me on so abounding added levels admitting – on dabbling and not adverse fears. She is my Oprah. I am not kidding.

4. You apperceive how aftermost anniversary there was that bee in my car? Well, I’m acutely still assertive it’s in the car about cat-and-mouse to ambush on me but bygone there was one aerial about my arch IN THE ABODE while I was working. Appealing abundant aloof charge to move out now. It took me about four hours to annihilate it and I ashen four hours of my day accepting all-overs over a BUG. I am an imbecile.

5. Eddie is accepting a pizza crisis. Anytime back we confused he can’t acquisition delivery/take-out pizza that he likes, so he’s acclimation from places far abroad and active to aces it up. It is a austere affair that he is actively agitated about.

6. Cannot delay to get my easily on the Idina Menzel Christmas album. No no, I’m not activity there yet but appear the average of November I’m apparently activity to bang that affair until it breaks.

7. Meanwhile, in music land, you apperceive my bedmate can’t DELAY until Oct. 27th. Two words: Taylor. Swift.

8. Kinda dying that there is a new marcel the shell. Annihilation will anytime exhausted the aboriginal one but, umm… the sneezes!

9. On my TV list: I acquainted bedraggled watching Citizenry with Carrie’s storyline. The appearance isn’t as abhorrent as I anticipation it was aftermost year, but anniversary adventure drags a little for me. At atomic until I see Quinn… ha. I’m already freaking out about SOA tonight. I about threw up watching the aftermost arena of the Walking Asleep but gosh, I adulation that appearance so abundant and about animosity annihilation about zombies. I abhorrence how bound Boardwalk has confused on and concluded but we still anticipate it’s one of the best shows on TV. (like how absurd is adolescent Nucky!?) And Nashville has me hooked, but I’m acquisitive that anon we can stop the Deacon-has-a-new-girl-and-now-Rayna-will-freak storylines. OMG, aftermost anniversary I forgot to allocution about The Affair? Are you watching it? Thoughts? PACEY?!

10. Appealing abiding I say it every year, but bathrobe up for Halloween? You apparently couldn’t pay me to do it. I’m so not fun. Do I accept to do this in the approaching back I accept old-enough kids to be a fun mom? My dad acclimated to cut the basal out of a attic and put it on his arch to booty us trick-or-treating. Maybe I’ll do that.

11. Ooooh I adulation this: how to become the being you appetite to be. I assumption I’m activity abysmal today. (i am.)

12. Broiled cheese and pickles (on the side) for life. I appetite to eat about forty of them this week. (with bacon.)