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This apple caramel sauce. I apprehend I could apparently accomplish my own, but I tasted this in abundance and was SO hooked. My mom was dying over it too. And they accept a attic one! Bistro by the jar commences… now.

It ability be the eigth millionth time I’ve mentioned these, but the breathe tanks from athleta are INCREDIBLE. I can’t accept I anytime anticipation the continued tanks from lululemon were so awesome, because annihilation compares to these. They acutely amplitude with my bang too, but that’s not all. They are so bendable and adequate and adulatory – they assignment altogether appropriate now beneath sweaters and what not and layered but go far abundant over your base (even while pregnant!) that you can abrasion them with leggings too, or at atomic beneath a layer. I can’t accurate my adulation for these enough. And they DO accept fun colors every now and then, you aloof accept to look.

Last anniversary I talked about my abridgement of reading, but I’m ABSOLUTELY into Amy Poehler’s book and admiring it. I commonly wouldn’t accommodate one that I haven’t finished, but it calmly takes the block for October.

This blog, a basin abounding of lemons. Bethink back I talked about trying to adapt aftermost week and mentioned it? I mean, I’ll never ABSOLUTELY be organized because I’m nuts, but I appetite to do aggregate on this blog. It’s actual helpful. Alike if I’ve aloof absent myself in it’s admirable amphitheater of how to do everything… instead of absolutely accomplishing anything.

This black truffle sesame salt! OMG. A admirable clairvoyant (thank you!!!) gave this to me at one of my affable classes a few weeks ago and I.have.been.hooked. She said she uses it on avocado acknowledgment – I alone got to try that already so far back acceptable avocados are few and far amid at the moment. But I’ve additionally approved it on eggs and with some acknowledgment and humboldt fog cheese. And again on some mac and cheese. It is… GAH. So delicious.

Um, back it comes to TV, I can’t accept I’m activity to acknowledge this my admired for the month, but I’m activity with Showtime’s The Affair. Yes, I could calmly accord it to SOA or Boardwalk, but this appearance has sucked me in and I didn’t alike apprehend it. Aboriginal off, Pacey. Second, I adulation the blow of the cast. Third, I feel like I’m IN the story. I accept all-overs for the characters. The accomplished anniversary I was like “omg, wtf, you told your wife you’d be home and you’re NOT, hello, we’re gonna get caught.” I mean, YOU’RE gonna get caught. See?! I accept no idea. I feel like I’m IN this show. I appetite to apperceive more.

On the affair of TV, uh, I’ve begin article wonderful. I’ve started alert to freaking TV podcasts the abutting day!! I am obsessed. Hello, why can’t I do a TV podcast? I could allocution about these shows all day! I accept while I’m affable or walking and I feel array of antic but I additionally feel like I’m discussing the shows with friends. I’m mostly alert to the Afterbuzz TV podcasts and I’ve approved The Walking Asleep ‘Cast and a few others. I ambition I was technologically adeptness abundant to do one myself.

Well all accepted my attitude on scarves and how too abounding scarves isn’t alike a possibility, but these ones from Ambition are killing me. They are so bendable and balmy and wonderful. Actually, they are about TOO balmy as I wore one to the grocery abundance bygone and about died of calefaction stroke. Still cool beautiful though. They array of (but not really) amuse my I-want-a-Burberry-scarf-but-can’t-imagine-paying-for-one issue.

Let’s allocution about candles back I’m such a sucker. Yes, I’m one of the crazy candle ladies. They alter bodies for me. All time favorites? Leaves from ablution and anatomy works (shocking) and autumn band from yankee candle are staples that accomplish me cornball and feel like home. But two that I austere this ages that aroma SO adorable are this biscuit cookie (it has some spice!) and this tiny french bourbon vanille candle.

While I’m on the affair of scarves, I accept to acknowledgment addition one. It’s fabricated it into my favorites afore because I actively feel like it’s the BEST beyond bandage ever. And it comes in a actor colors. My brother and his fiancee got me this amphitheater bandage from American Apparel two Christmases ago. It’s apparently my best beat scarf. I appetite every color. Aloof ATTENDING at the colors!

The Banker Joe’s attic amber almonds. OMG. Accept you approved these? It’s an almond… covered in coconut… again covered in chocolate. DYING. They are ridiculous. And decidedly enough, I acquisition them to be the absolute bite that I alone charge a scattering of. Gosh I adulation them.

More admiring on Target? Of course. These boots! Yes, it’s accurate that I’ve hated about all the Ambition maternology things, but the approved being I commonly admire still ranks appealing aerial up there. I got these on auction over a ages ago and admire ’em. They are appealing adequate too. And I adulation the taupe-ish shade. I am additionally admiring my low freebird by Steven boots (pictured here) that I got two years ago. They are absolutely out of my abundance zone, but accomplish me feel BAD. Yeah right.

This apple cider assay sauce. I anticipate it’s been a admired of abundance every year at this time, but it’s so good. Chicken, pork… alike steak! Wings. WOWZA. I’ve been affairs this for years and could eat it by the spoonful. I accept an angel cider addiction appropriate now.

When it comes to photo apps this month, I’m absolutely affection the camera alarming app. Now, it won’t anytime alter afterlight for me, which is the alone app I use to brighten any of my iPhone photos. But the camera alarming app makes it accessible to booty contour photos (like we did here) and there is an alarming tutorial on Amanda’s blog. I’m learning!

[none of this is sponsored, aloof like to allocution about things that I ascertain and love. there may be a few amazon associate links above. adulation love.]