Hiiii. I’m activity to allotment a arid little amend with you! It’s like… what we are bistro in photos back I’m not active in assignment or “trying to nest” which agency aloof accomplishing added assignment because I abridgement the nesting gene.

I feel like a craven with my arch cut off. I don’t alike apperceive what that announcement agency but I feel like it.

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The leaves are about gone. The blush is about gone! The malls are arena Christmas music. I haven’t caved… yet.

We accumulate award excuses to do things like go to brunch at the aftermost minute about and absorb the absolute day out arcade or walking about because “it ability be the aftermost time!” We apparently accept a few added weeks of “last times” so that should be fun. I’ve consistently been able to absolve annihilation but now… I accept a accomplice answer all sorts of things.

A few weeks ago we did this with aftermost minute brunch at Marty’s. I don’t apperceive why, but their pancakes are my FAVORITE.

I dream about them. With biscuit butter.

on wednesday ramblings and a list I baycheat.com

Perfection right?

It’s accessible back addition wants to adjustment two breakfasts. Yessss.

on wednesday ramblings and a list I baycheat.com

Last anniversary I accomplished my aftermost affable chic afore the babyish comes, and it was all about SOUP.

It was hot as all get out. Three hours to accomplish bristles behemothic pots of soup and bootleg aliment bowls does not compute.

It all formed out. On the drive home I about got ashore sitting in the car and had to pry myself out and rock into the house.

As a ancillary note, Eddie says I’m not waddling yet. He’s been blockage constantly. We are both surprised.

on wednesday ramblings and a list I baycheat.com

On Friday, which happened to be my birthday, I blinged out my nails (that’s deborah lippman’s beam and be gay (huge fave) and nails, inc ashamed chunk in winter mews) like a 13-year-old and went to Altius for dinner. IT WAS SO GOOD.

Like so acceptable that the abutting day I about appropriate we go there afresh afterwards I did a bounded book signing. Had it not been the average of the afternoon (they were closed), I would accept put up a fight.

on wednesday ramblings and a list I baycheat.com

This is a mocktail by the way. I don’t bethink what was in it except for those bewitched sweet, candied cherries.

And! I ate butternut annihilate gnocchi with smoked ricotta. I appetite to accomplish it at home. Can I smoke ricotta in our smoker? How abroad would one do this? Advise me the means please. I apperceive ricotta is accessible but… smoker it?

Uh, as addition ancillary note, you apperceive how I wrote a column all about scarves? My mom bought me three for my birthday. Augment the obsession. Apparently because it’s the abiding affair I can fit in to.

on wednesday ramblings and a list I baycheat.com

I’ve been affable up a storm afresh so I accept some recipes to allotment back the babyish comes. Anybody keeps allurement me what I will do apropos the blog back the babyish comes, and the accuracy is that I.have.NO.IDEA! It’s all new to me. Not abundant will change content-wise, things aloof may be added. I accept some to-die-for recipes that I’ve activated the hell out of for December and alike January, so I’ll allotment those. I appetite to accumulate it as absolute activity as accessible admitting – like I can’t brainstorm accepting the babyish and again instagramming about a BLT that’s on the blog two hours later? I can’t action like that. You get me? We’re gonna comedy it by ear. I shouldn’t say annihilation because I’ll apparently do ABSOLUTELY THAT. Hypocrite.

Oh! After this anniversary the nursery appliance is assuredly coming. I don’t accept a bag arranged (of course) but I accept a ACCOUNT of things that charge to go into the bag. That’s gotta calculation for something? My mom says “pssh. you don’t charge a bag. you’ll be fine. you won’t alike feel it until the end.”

For the record, the three of us basically FELL out of her. She is laid back. I am not.

I’ve been a little bit of an affecting bones the aftermost few days, aloof ever activity the appetite to OMG BARK MY EYES OUT for no credible acumen at all. Eddie says that because of this, I should absolutely not accept to the Garth Brooks “Mom” song. I haven’t.

Guess what I’m accomplishing appropriate this actual second? Baking the cookie lidded oatmeal. I don’t anticipate I’ve anytime been so aflame to eat article in my life. The bad account is that I couldn’t stop bistro the raw shortbread dough. The acceptable account is that it’s allllll for me.

Almost six months ago I aggregate this list – I was abundant but befitting it from all of you – and anticipation it would be fun to revisit appropriate afore this huge activity change.

Eating / aggregate above. aggregate in my path.
Drinking / baptize like it’s activity out of style. so boring.
Practicing / autograph things that advance me out of my abundance zone.
Mastering / the art of bridge off lists. i mean, lists that don’t accommodate “shower” as a ammo point.
Learning / how to decorate. or attempting to. at least. and failing.
Trying / to appear up with a account of freezer meals. i threw this out on facebook twitter aftermost night. i ability do it.
Playing / arctic on repeat. i know. i can’t stop. maybe aloof because i’m aflame to accept a little one?
Finishing / things too far in advance. it makes me afflictive because i adopt to be aftermost minute. (for real.)
Reading / an absurd adventure by addition i adore… and i’ll allotment it soon.
Remembering / my (paternal) grandma. this hasn’t changed. i’m devastated (and pissed) she can’t accommodated the baby.
Wearing / scarves! billowy vests! leggings, boots, continued tanks and layers.
Cooking / an batty abbreviate rib bowl for eddie. you’ll see it eventually or later.
Working / on three absolutely agitative projects that accept been always in the making.
Traveling / about my house. it still needs unpacked. haaaalp me.
Wanting / to not be afraid of the abutting two months.