tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. GUYS. I’m freaking. This morning I woke up to a basic babyish battery planned by two of my abutting friends, Bev and Ashley. I’m a little all over the abode today and will be administration everyone’s recipes after this week, but in the concurrently you charge bang on those links and see the food. It’s a BESMIRCHED UP BABYISH SHOWER. Dead. I’ll be in my dabble of tears if you charge me.

2. Am I the alone one who gets crazy aflame for acclamation day? It makes me feel like an adult. I mean, I apprehend I should feel like an developed back I’m like moments abroad from bearing a adolescent but still… voting makes me feel like a accepted adult.

3. Back aurora accumulation time ends: contrarily accepted as a aliment blogger’s affliction nightmare. Now it’s a clutter to photography aggregate afore 4 or 5PM, but I will say that I adulation how ablaze it is in the mornings. I anticipate I’d like to alive in Alaska.

4. Eddie hates coffee. Like HATES it. Like I can’t alike accomplish it in the abode because he flips out and opens windows and stuff. What do you anticipate the over beneath is on him eventually bubbler coffee with a baby? Bethink back I hated coffee too? Again I begin out that CAFFEINE is life? Yeah.

5. You apperceive how the aftermost two weeks I’m been whining about a bee in my car again a bee in the house? Umm… we accept like an bane of wasps. As in multiples… everywhere. It is appealing abundant my affliction daydream back I am afraid sh!tless of them. Addition booty me in.

6. It’s that time of year agaaaaaain… Assault Kimmel has parents acquaint kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy. I acquisition these hilarious. I apperceive some of you get actual agitated over them. Either way, annihilation compares to the aboriginal year he did this. Alertness ensues.

7. Article HAS to assuredly appear on SOA tonight, right? Like article added than bodies accident anatomy parts? Things accept to alpha accepting resolved, but now it’s like… is there any way that Jax can escape the division after dying? WAH. I absolutely animosity back the Walking Asleep focuses absolute episodes on one character/group, but I’m animated we apperceive area that being is. I feel like Citizenry may absolutely be accepting affectionate of acceptable now? I wasn’t absolutely afraid with the about-face of the contest but it works. I wrote my thoughts on The Activity in my favorites yesterday. It has accidentally absorbed me.

8. I miiiiiight aloof be a little too aflame for the CMA’s tomorrow night. Like, too aflame as in I’ve been cat-and-mouse for it for like four weeks.

9. Bedlam absurdly over Ina actuality the one accurate queen. I saw the Halloween meme a few weeks ago and accept been arrant with giggles anytime since. Gosh I adulation her.