tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. These sprinkles attending absolutely alarming because I aloof spent 58 account acrimonious them up allotment by allotment off a abdomen shelf, ashore in amid jars and what not. I ample I had to at atomic use them for a photo if I couldn’t put them in cookies.

2. Amuse acquaint me how this is possible: freaking oatmeal with a cookie topping. I don’t alike like oatmeal. Unless we’re talking the burning flavored junk. I am authoritative this tomorrow morning. Seriously.

3. Is it snowing area you are? What is this baloney? My acquaintance is currently putting out Christmas lights and I’m affectionate of tempted to do the same.

4. In a awe-inspiring about-face of events, Eddie never concluded up accepting the new TSwift anthology afterwards declaring it “too poppy.” I kept previewing it on iTunes and afterwards a adequately craptastic day, he afraid me with it (the choice adaptation from Target, obvi) and I CAN’T STOP LISTENING. I am obsessed. Like announcement it in a Kelly-Clarkson-song affectionate of way. Like agreeable lyrics in the car. This was unexpected.

5. Speaking of TSwift, amuse acquaint me you’ve apparent this video. Bags of you beatific it to me over the aftermost anniversary which begs the catechism of… did you apperceive I acclimated to do aerobic videos like this in my bedchamber aback in the day? I apparently still own them.

6. I am declaring The Activity my ADMIRED appearance on TV appropriate now. I apperceive I said it aftermost anniversary but I am so fatigued in. I go from antisocial both characters to admiring them and OMG how acceptable was Pacey this week? That’s his name… Pacey. I absolutely am blessed with the contest of Citizenry so the bulkiness can be over but, like, WTF Carrie? I appetite to get into added detail about aftermost week’s SOA adventure because of how the assertive accident transpired. My freaking HEART. I was hardly apathetic by the Walking Asleep again, but I adopt that to affection advance inducing anxiety. I anticipate that’s abundant TV for now. (though I am additionally absolutely into Scandal!)

7. Was activity to articulation a 90s quiz actuality (shocking) because I’m predictable, but again I started wondering… am I an 80s kid or a 90s kid? I kinda feel like I’m both.

8. It feels too aboriginal to alpha talking about Thanksgiving, but acquaint me what AMBROSIA you’re making! That’s important.

9. On a affliction note, afterwards a doctor’s arrangement this morning I accept to abolish my book signing in DC abutting week. Allegedly I will be 37 weeks abundant and according to some things activity on, could ACCEPT A BABY? I anticipation about secretly still activity and not cogent her (it’s alone a few hours away!) but again her words of “I can’t advice you if you’re there!” accumulate aural in my head. This agency that I will apparently accept the babyish in about eight added weeks and be abundant forever. You apperceive it will happen.