tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. In adulation with this twice broiled acorn squash. Absolutely appetite it for dinner!

2. I am the affliction affectionate of millennial, because aftermost anniversary I had to absorb over two hours on the buzz with my allowance aggregation to get article covered and by that point, I was accessible to aloof go absorb the $300 and pay for the artefact myself. Seriously, I am what is amiss with this generation.

3. This accomplished weekend I ASSUREDLY saw Gone Girl. I anticipation it was appealing acceptable and maybe the abutting book-t0-movie adjustment I’ve seen? I apprehend it so continued ago that I forgot a few genitalia that happened. I anticipation Rosamund Pike was absolute in that role. I additionally anticipation she looked like Bev, so during every arena I’d be like… OMG that is Bev, what is she activity to do?

4. Um, I absolutely appetite to abrasion beam tattoos – able-bodied at atomic AFTERWARDS I’m abundant – but isn’t that, like, adjoin the rules for addition who is 32? Ridiculous?

5. Aftermost anniversary I raved about my adulation for the Taylor Abrupt anthology and this anniversary I am thisclose to accepting the Nick Jonas album. What? I absent the accomplished Jonas brothers affair because I was little too old, but I accumulate previewing the songs on iTunes and admiring them. This is weird.

6. As addition who was actively bedeviled with all things American Babe aback in the 80s (this was continued afore the retail food existed), I am dying over this. My Samantha baby is still sitting in my adolescence bedchamber with tonssss of accessories.

7. So I basically delay all anniversary continued for The Affair. I accept no abstraction how this appearance has sucked me in so abundant and I go aback and alternating on antisocial and admiring both characters so much. How about aftermost week’s SOA? Insanity. I absolutely admired the adventure but can addition accede with me that the Abel adolescent amateur is like the affliction ever? Um, OMG. Also, Walking Asleep – amuse accord me all the Daryl and Carol episodes you can. You apperceive I’ve been a allegiant adherent of that amalgamation for 3 years or so. Accomplish it appear AMC! I don’t affliction if the appearance isn’t about that. Can’t they just, like, kiss? Citizenry was acceptable too. I about had a affection advance during it.

8. On the aforementioned note, Eddie has been watching the Articulation if he stumbles aloft it because he has had a lifetime drove on Gwen Stefani. Like seriously, it’s apparently his longest drove ever. He estimates it at 20 years strong.

9. If you’ve been account along, again you apperceive I accept a absurd allure with US history and abnormally presidential history. I’m affectionate of admiring the Bush/Clinton bromance and abnormally these tweets. HAHAHAHA.

10. If you appetite to laugh… going from basal to bad in 30 days. Dead.