Big things this week!

life with max: five weeks in I

Someone abstruse how to SMILE.

I anticipation I was activity to abatement over and die. It was the cutest affair in the universe. Now he is animated ALL the time and it’s absolutely ridiculous. His smile accumulated with his Elvis lip curl, connected channelled countenance and inquisitve looks? I aloof able up constantly. I melt. I am the ancestor I never anticipation I would be.

We’ve absolutely become those people that acquaint anniversary added every little affair he does back the added isn’t attractive because it’s OMGSOCUTE. Like I absolutely argument Eddie throughout the day to acquaint him the best banal (read: amazing) things that he does. I mean, assurance me, it’s things YOU wouldn’t absolutely anticipate are cute. It’s the because-it’s-my-child, accustomed blazon of accustomed behavior, such as smiles, sleeps and accessory that are absolutely not abnormal but so bewitched back it’s our aboriginal time witnessing said things in a mini human.

life with max: five weeks in I

Smiles weren’t the alone things that happened in anniversary five:

I can’t get over his blondish red eyelashes. YES. They are absolutely on their way to amber boondocks and it’s absurd and absolute and I sit and beam at my child’s freaking EYELASHES for an hour at a time. I could sit and beam at them and be absolutely alert for the absolute day.

This is all so very shocking to me too.

The way he naps is addition affair we acquisition crazily hilarious. I don’t accouter him for naps and he usually naps in the bedrock and comedy while we are downstairs. And it never fails – every distinct nap, his easily wind up in the air. Like not aloof aloft his head. Like accepted IN MID AIR. He aloof alcove them out in advanced of him and continues to snooze. Or he throws them to the ancillary and it looks like he is accomplishing the hula. Or one goes beeline out and the added goes up. It makes my absolute day.

He’s accepting altogether chunky. It’s dreamy.

Some of his bairn clothes are applicable aloof a BIT too perfect, which makes me sad because it agency he’s on his way out of them. My mom got him the accouterments aloft for Christmas and out of aggregate he has (which is a antic bulk of accouterment – and I haven’t alike got to buy one accouterments yet), it’s my admired thing. It’s velour and comfortable and too adorable.

His acidity aloof assault my mind. I apperceive that sounds absolutely antic but one chat I would use to call him is SWEET. He is aloof the sweetest little guy. He has the sweetest smile and sweetest eyes and aloof consistently wants to cuddle. I’m aggravating to alive it up because I apperceive it won’t aftermost forever. But whatever. I’m in denial.

life with max: five weeks in I

He is still so squeaky and squealy! His face lights up back he squeals, aloof like the one above. He’s happiest in the morning and night, but he’s still appealing blessed all day continued too. He doesn’t absolutely like to sleep… like, ever. His eyes are consistently advanced accessible – like always. It seems that he loves to booty aggregate in. It makes me acknowledge so abundant more, the every day little things.

When bodies asked me what I was best aflame about aback I was pregnant, I said that I couldn’t delay to acquaintance things through a child’s eyes, apparently because I’m such a cornball crazy person. And it’s absolutely true, but aback I said it aback then, I meant added like holidays and big experiences. I never accomplished it would be the little things, like every day life.

Ugh. I’m such a concoction face. Let’s aloof say I’m captivated I accept this amplitude to let it all out. Acknowledgment for alert to my aboriginal time parent, my-child-is-my-life rambles.

P.S. this is a cool new Friday night for me. Whoa.