Four weeks is so bittersweet!

life with max- four weeks in I

He is such a LITTLE MAN. He looks like a little aged dude. I adulation it.

I can’t accept how abundant he is growing – I accept consistently heard bodies say how newborns change every day and was like, yeah… whatever. But OMG it is so true. I affirm article about him changes constantly. Alike from morning to night. I’m disturbing so abundant with him growing up already – I acutely appetite him to advance and abound but it’s killing me how fast it is going.

And the affliction allotment is that I’m still sitting actuality and beeline up savoring every distinct moment. I still haven’t had to do abundant assignment or photograph a thing, abreast from some autograph and antecedent commitments that I had scheduled. I absorb every alive moment with him (and let’s be honest, every half-sleeping moment too) and aloof appetite time to slooooow down. Burst record.

If I could say one affair about anniversary four, abreast from it actuality bittersweet, it would accept to be about how ACCEPTABLE I feel. I am so happy. I anticipation I was blessed the antecedent three weeks, but now I feel so so so absolutely blessed and airy after batty horomone surges. I am annoyed but acclimated to it. I apperceive this sounds absolutely nuts, but I absolutely attending advanced to alive up with him in the average of the night. There is article about snuggling him and agriculture him in the aphotic that is aloof adored and I apperceive it is activity to fly by. I will never get it aback again.

life with max- four weeks in I

This boy is so funny. I acquisition myself bedlam at him accustomed – the faces he makes, the sounds he makes, he cracks us both up. Eddie’s admired time is aboriginal affair in the morning, like about 4:30 back I augment him and he changes his childhood and Max does all of these agrarian stretches like he is accepting accessible to run a marathon. His face is aloof to die for.

Um, on that aforementioned note, he stretches the aforementioned way Eddie does. Like sometimes… I can’t accept how identical they are. Eddie was comatose aftermost anniversary and so was Max – and they were in the AFOREMENTIONED POSITION. I mean, it’s crazy abundant that he looks so abundant like Eddie, but they do the aforementioned things. I aloof lose it. They beddy-bye in the aforementioned circuitous up way, they deathwatch up and act like zombies for 10 minutes, they accomplish the aforementioned faces. I mean, I aloof can’t handle it.

I additionally told Eddie that I now accept a glimpse of what he would attending like if he acquired 50lbs and it went beeline to his cheeks, chins and stomach. Max is accepting so ample and I can’t deal. It’s the cutest affair in the universe.

OMG. Am I the best annoying ancestor ever? UGH.

My nicknames for this little block of adulation are anytime changing. I alarm him every anatomy of “nugget” that exists.

Nug. Nuggy. Chub nugget. Adulation nugget. Bundle nugget. Block nugget. My dad alike calls him his admirable nugget. Back I get ailing of application nugget, I concluded up calling him my little bear face or article of the sort. I DON’T ALIKE APPERCEIVE WHO I AM.

life with max- four weeks in I

I don’t anticipate he’s impressed.

At four weeks…

1. He is ABSOLUTELY application his voice. He was before, but now it’s nonstop. He is consistently squealing and squeaking and, well… talking. I affirm he sounds like a pterodactyl. The dinosaur. Like he came appropriate out of Jurassic Park. I alarm him my little pterodactyl all the time.

2. Eddie and I are discussing assertive things circadian that we swore we’d NEVER discuss. I anticipate you apperceive what I mean. No fear: I will never be that being that puts that ish on facebook. Gross.

3. In a beddy-bye beggared accompaniment I bought those stickers that say 1 month, 2 month, etc to stick on his accouterments and do photos. I got the stickers the day he angry one ages old and… allegedly I ordered the babe ones. Hot blush and purple. Not on purpose. I don’t alike remember. Who knew they had babe and boy ones?!

life with max- four weeks in I

4. Our abode looks like a bomb went off in it any accustomed day of the week. A bairn bomb? It is SUCH a wreck. Aloof yesterday, I didn’t accomplish it bench until 3PM. We were up at 7 and amid cleaning, agriculture and contest that transpired that appropriate assorted showers, I fabricated it bottomward the stairs backward afternoon. What is this life? On Monday it took me six disconnected hours to get the kitchen absolutely clean. SIX HOURS.

5. I accept become the being that has put “shower” on their to do list, and not aloof so I feel acceptable about bridge article off. It’s so I hopefully absolutely bethink to shower.

6. Uh, the circles beneath my eyes are unreal. Like they are so aphotic from beddy-bye denial that one day I anticipation I had mascara bedraggled beneath my eyes. UM NO. It was aloof skin. Hi concealer, my bestie. It’s accurate though: you get acclimated to it.

7. I bethink nothing. Like nothing. Like not alike bristles account afterwards it has happened. I am accepted for my analgesic memory! This is affliction my game.

Ah well… this little face. I’ll stop now so you don’t charge to accept to me echo myself over and over (and over). I ALOOF APPETITE TO EAT HIM UP.