Where accept the aftermost six weeks gone? WAH.

life with max: six weeks in I baycheat.com

As I’ve again ten thousand times before, I accept savored every moment and I still accept no abstraction area the time has gone. It’s been such a (wonderful) brume that I can’t alike bethink the aftermost six weeks, which makes me so blessed I’ve done a few of these posts. I already am adulatory I could accept those moments back. Sitting on the couch with him, staring at the lit Christmas timberline back he was aloof canicule old seems like it was eons ago.

These days, he is already added squirmy and not as accommodating to abatement comatose on my chest because he wants to attending about at aggregate and squeal. How does that appear already?! Cue emoji with tears cloudburst bottomward face.

life with max: six weeks in I baycheat.com

Week six brought new adventures:

He and I headed out abandoned for the aboriginal time anytime and we survived. We alone ran two errands, and I’d booty him out of the carseat and stick him in my solly babyish wrap. I adulation that affair so abundant and so does he. He gets all coiled up like a little brawl and is cool snuggly.

Two canicule later, the three of us we took addition chance with no meltdowns. On either part. WINNING.

And on Monday morning, I bound ran to the grocery abundance with him. Never did I anytime anticipate these would be advised accomplishments in my mind.

I’ve additionally somehow managed to get it calm abundant to get bench by 9AM or so, which acclimated to appealing abundant be lunchtime for me. That’s a huge bound from the apex or 1PM starting time we had before. Man. I don’t alike apperceive how to explain that unless you’ve lived it.

I’m ATROCIOUS for some warmer acclimate so we can airing outside. I apperceive I can booty him to a capital or article and airing around, but it’s been so freezing that I abhorrence the abstraction of alteration him in the freezing weather. Dawdling is area it’s AT.

life with max: six weeks in I baycheat.com

This anniversary I additionally accomplished a affable chic that had been appointed previously to accepting him, aback back I knew annihilation and acutely was way too aggressive in cerebration I could be abroad from him for 8ish hours. Why didn’t anyone acquaint me that at six weeks, he’d still be bistro consistently and I’d never anytime anytime anytime anytime appetite to leave him?

It was nice to accept some developed alternation but I additionally capital to accept a massive meltdown. However, it got me out, we survived and all was well. I absolutely was NOT on my bold and my head was affectionate of in a fog… but who knows how continued that may go on! My once-killer anamnesis is still slacking, I aloof achievement it’s not MIA forever.

[Speaking of bistro constantly, OMG I cannot stop eating. I am STARVING. I accept never been so hungry. You may bethink that I had aught appetence during my abundance and now it’s in abounding force. I can’t get abundant food, I’m so agog and downing a antic bulk of baptize and attic baptize daily… AND am in the abhorrent (wonderful?) addiction of authoritative amber dent accolade from my freezer stash every night. Oops.]

life with max: six weeks in I baycheat.com

I still adulation alive up with him in the average of the night. I admire agriculture him. I adulation spending all day with him. Every Monday morning, Eddie is devastated to leave and go aback to assignment afterwards accepting to absorb added time with him. I don’t apperceive why we didn’t apprehend to be this in love. I assumption it’s aloof article you charge to acquaintance aboriginal hand? I mean, acutely we knew we’d adulation him, but the akin it’s on is UNREAL. Clearly, because I appointed things for back he was six weeks and Eddie bought concert tickets for back he is eight weeks old that we now can’t alike appreciate using.

We never anticipation we’d be the parents that wouldn’t appetite to leave him but OMG… we don’t appetite to absorb a additional abroad appropriate now. I’m abiding that will change at some point and I apperceive we charge date nights, banausic banausic blah, but it’s aloof so crazy to alike anticipate about. Allotment of me wonders if it is our age. Abnormally Eddie. Like we knew we consistently capital kids, but assuredly accepting one and experiencing what it’s like afterwards cat-and-mouse to accept one? Magic. So abundant magic.

And I additionally admiration if it has annihilation to do with us not activity so bulletproof anymore, like not actuality in our twenties and knowing a bit added about how adored activity is after those added experiences. I don’t know. I’m rambly and that apparently sounds wacky, but at 32 and 41 we absolutely acknowledge little moments and accustomed activity added than we both did at 23 or 25. You know?

I aloof feel so advantageous and so happy. Like why do we get to be so lucky? I actual abundant APPERCEIVE how advantageous I am and am so beholden for it. Some of the canicule are cool continued and of advance some are absolutely hard, but cerebration about this little dude I’ve been accustomed keeps me from accepting balked or melting down. I haven’t absolutely had any time to myself back he was born, but I was able for that. I mean, who knows – maybe my accident point will appear at eight weeks or something, but I am aloof activity absolutely acceptable appropriate now. Besides fearing that I won’t accept a abounding night’s beddy-bye until he’s 33 due to the anguish birthmark in me. Beat whomp.

The moral of this adventure is: it aloof keeps accepting better. Alike back I anticipate there is no way it possibly can. It does!

Okay up next: babyish favorites! Activity to acquaint you aggregate we’ve admired the aftermost six weeks. YES. And then, freezer meal update.