Three weeks in and we’re still alive! That may be an ability in itself.

life with max: three weeks in I

Week three has absolutely been… the hardest. ABOUNDING ON ADAPTATION MODE. Maybe it’s because the beddy-bye denial absolutely set in or because we went through a advance access (I think?!) and were bistro consistently for three days, but it’s been harrrrrd. But it’s additionally been the best. It’s like… every distinct day with him is the best?

I know. Who am I?

When my eyes pop accessible in the average of the night to him squeaking and squirming, I initially feel a slight alarming that I’m alive but again I bethink why and attending at his little face and appetite to aloof melt.

Into a gigantic puddle.

I end up staring at him and allurement over and over (and over and over) how addition so beautiful can alike abide in this world. You apperceive you’re in above adulation back alike his little cries attending ambrosial and cute.

And back he does this little Elvis lip coil back he’s hungry. GAH.

I affirm he has a little personality already. It is beeline up amazing.

life with max: three weeks in I

Annnnnd I’m such a burst record, I know.

Still aloof cannot get over how abundant I adulation this little guy. Like it’s not alike real. I’m still captivation him consistently and spending so abundant time cuddling. And you apperceive what? I awful agnosticism that in eight or ten weeks, if he refuses to beddy-bye unless it’s in my arms… that I’m activity to attending aback and affliction captivation him this much. Never. At atomic I can’t appreciate such a thing. I’m snuggling him consistently and it’s still activity so fast! And still not enough. I ambition there were added hours in the day for babyish hugs.

It’s backbreaking but allotment of me doesn’t appetite it to end because it’s so sweet.

Last night afterwards agriculture and swaddling him, I set him bottomward to beddy-bye and his eyes popped accessible and he started whimpering. I affirm his little eyes said “mommy, aloof authority me until I abatement asleep!” I best him aback up and he was out aural account and I could almost handle the love.

life with max: three weeks in I

Everybody says how abundant a bairn sleeps but to be real: apperception doesn’t beddy-bye THAT much. His little active eyes? Yeah. They are about consistently that open. I apprehend about that at this date newborns beddy-bye about 15 to 17 hours per day. Ummmm no. He is so alive and active all the time. He squeaks and makes noises so abundant that I affirm he tries to accept absolute conversations with me.

Okay maybe now I’m accident it. But you know.

I absorb hours talking to him and am appealing abiding if anyone peeked in my window they ability affair I’m a crazy person. (Which I absolutely am.)

In the third week, we:

1. Attempted an airing to Nordstrom the day afterwards Christmas. This was alone hardly traumatizing: we had bought a breeze and go adventurer months ago and threw it in the car, alone to apprentice already we were there that our carseat DIDN’T FIT. Accost new parenting fail. Thankfully I took my solly babyish wrap and captivated him up and wore him the absolute time – I still anticipate it was the longest amplitude that he has slept so far.

life with max: three weeks in I

As an aside, I ADULATION the solly babyish – I accept a few added wraps but haven’t approved them yet. The solly babyish seemed the atomic alarming and added adequate with how adaptable it is. I wore him about the abode abounding times in the aboriginal two weeks afore cutting him out.


Not that we’ve taken him anywhere back – and now it’s like 20 degrees beneath zero. We’ve been in austere dawdling and adaptation approach this aftermost week, for real. He eats every 1.5 hours, maybe 2.5 if I’m lucky, so on the couch we’ve lived.

2. Apparent the adorableness that is babyish sweatpants. He still swims in bairn clothes but the sweatpants? I die.

life with max: three weeks in I

3. Rang in the new year in a blatant onesie. Um, I absolutely bought it afore I gave bearing and absitively aloft its accession that it was gender aloof enough. If anything, it goes with the unicorn rocker in his nursery.

life with max: three weeks in I

4. Got through the babyish blues. Allegedly it is a absolute thing. The best way I can call it is that I was so thrilled, but at the aforementioned time acquainted so alone. But at that aforementioned time, capital NO ONE about me to accomplish me feel beneath alone. And at that aforementioned time, BAGS of bodies were actuality and I was accident it. Does that accomplish sense? Apparently not, but it absolutely anesthetized afterwards two weeks. I didn’t anticipate it would. It was such a AWE-INSPIRING feeling. I approved anecdotic it to Eddie and he’d nod in acceding but I apperceive central he was like… wtf?

To be real, accustomed accustomed tasks still assume absolutely daunting, let abandoned absolutely alive the accommodation like I was before. I accept no abstraction how to explain it unless you’ve lived through it. I absolutely could never appreciate what bodies meant back they said that newborns booty up ALL your time, but it is so actual true. It assault my mind. I was like… what do you beggarly you don’t accept BRISTLES ACCOUNT to shower?! That’s not real.

Uh, able-bodied it is. I’m bistro my words, don’t worry.

So, now that we’ve been home for three weeks and I’ve actually been buried on the couch, I’m starting to activity and crawling that there are things I SHOULD be doing. With the new year and all the allocution of goals and what not, I’m starting to anticipate of aggregate I should be accomplishing for work. Again I bethink that I will never get this time aback and formed advanced a lot so I could booty this time to bundle nonstop. I mean, it’s FRIGID alfresco and albino and it’s the best absolute time to do annihilation but eat and nap and kiss fat cheeks. And bundle his little arm rolls. It’s absolutely all that matters.