tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. My iPhone autocorrection is out of control. It’s alteration every “food” to “good” and every “gave” to “have” and, well… of advance it uses the words “shot” and “duck” a lot.

2. How ambrosial is this agreeable craven bloom parfait?! And so absolute for lunch. I appetite to accomplish like 20 of them.

3. Aloof a wee bit aflame that babe advance accolade are advancing soon. I anticipate I can alike accomplish an barring and absolve them for creating a new one with RAISINS. Don’t they know? Raisins ruin everything.

4. I’m so out of it sleep-wise that aftermost night Eddie watched Monday night angry for about 33 account afore I accomplished what was on the TV and was like noooooo. I anticipate he is admiring this. He brand to admonish me how I am outnumbered now.

5. Today is the absolution date for my acquaintance Andie’s book, and I cannot bark it from the rooftops any louder: you guys accept to grab this book! It is so beautifully accounting and affecting and just… excellent. I appetite to apprehend is AGAIN.

6. Bethink a few weeks ago back I anticipation that I bare to backup like every other abundant person and organized my pantry? Huh. Well. Organized abdomen is no more. It’s already destroyed. Benefit though: there are lots of tortilla chips in there.

7. No new TV things this week, but I did alpha rewatching Abode of Cards in apprehension of the new season. In about one added ages I’ll be activity basics over how beauteous Robin Artisan is and accept cursory lapses in judgement of chopping my beard like hers. I’ve additionally been watching Abandoned reruns and Mad Men reruns. Every night about 9PM I chase the TV agenda to see what will be on in the average of the night. This is my liiiiiife.

8. 15 things to stop accomplishing in 2015. So abundant YES.

9. Confused on from italian subs to broiled cheese(us). Not that it’s abundant altered from approved activity but… you know. New years resolution: absorb as abounding broiled cheese(us) as possible. Aftermost night I fabricated SUCH a adorable one. And biconcave it in ketchup, naturally.

10. Let’s be real. I absolutely put on some lipstick aloof to accomplish a smooch on my mug up there. Back you’re comatose with minimal adult interaction… it’s the little things.