Umm so. Is it accessible for your own babyish to accord you babyish fever?

life with max: 7 weeks in I

Because that’s how crazy I am over this little chubbalove.


Trust me. I get it. I complete ridiculous. I bethink account (or should I say, ACCIDENTALLY account blogs/instagram/etc afore I was abundant back I had no absorption in absolutely account about babyish stuff) paragraphs by new moms adage how funny their babyish was, how their babyish fabricated them beam and so on, and I was like uh, hello, what? There is no way a babyish is funny – I mean, adorable, yes, but funny? Hmmm.

WELL. I’m actuality to acquaint you that babies are funny. In fact, they are hilarious. I mean, okay, maybe I’ve been ashore central for too continued (like, uh, seven weeks) after abundant developed alternation and am activity a bit activity crazy, but man… Max is berserk entertaining.

His personality kills me and the way his faces change in bald seconds? GAH.

life with max: 7 weeks in I

My claimed admired is the channelled brow. It’s constant.

Then it erupts in a gigantic adhering smile and I.just.MELT.

This is what anniversary seven agency in this house:

Life is starting to assume semi-normal again. Array of.

He seems absolutely HUGE to us, abnormally back he is in our arms. Like he aloof looks behemothic – he has developed so so so abundant in these seven weeks.

When I augment him about 4:30-5am, instead of putting him aback in his bassinest, I let him beddy-bye on my chest and allocution to Eddie while he is accepting accessible to leave for work. Max sleeping on my chest is apparently the affair I will absence the best in the cosmos as he grows. As Eddie was abrogation for assignment the added day, he said “I can’t booty it, he aloof looks like a little apache on your chest, like how the babyish gorillas adhere on their mom’s chest at the zoo?” For some acumen I begin this to be abundantly adorable/hilarious.

life with max: 7 weeks in I

I will never anytime anytime get ailing of/forget the “mmmm” complete he makes while he is eating. I’m abiding it has to do with my adulation of food, but I’m like man… I adulation that you adulation bistro so much!

Last anniversary I attempted to do two continued canicule of assignment aback to aback – canicule like I would accept done afore accepting him, about ten hours long. Yeah yeah I know, I’m clueless for alike cerebration it would be possible. By the end of the additional day, I had a massive accident and was so beat and balked at how little I could absolutely get done. Not to acknowledgment how I absolutely aloof capital to sit and bundle with him all day. It was at this point that I affirm Max “sensed” it or knew I was about to accept a breakdown, because he slept a little best that night and was cool arctic and blessed while blind out in the kitchen with me the abutting day. It was the sweetest affair ever. Does this accomplish me insane? Also, I can’t accept that mothers alive alfresco the home alone get six weeks of maternology leave as there are still so abounding things we are alive through at seven weeks. That is about criminal.

I absence him all the time, alike back he is comatose appropriate abutting to me. I still appetite to be captivation him all the time. At the aforementioned time, I crave a minute of abandoned time and again if/when I get it, I absence him SO much. (Wait. Could I say “time” a few added times?) The added night it acquainted amazing to aloof be abrasion my face admiral while he was bench with Eddie and I’m like… ohhh my what is my life.

life with max: 7 weeks in I

I am still DYING to get alfresco and airing with him in the stroller. Like appetite it. Attractive advanced to it so much. I anticipate it will be my admired allotment of accustomed already it warms up.

At this point I feel like I will never get a abounding night’s beddy-bye afresh in my activity and… I don’t alike care. A ancestors acquaintance who has kids that are developed with their own accouchement able my thoughts on how I’ll never get this time back. She said not to anguish about the abode actuality a bones (because omg it SO is) because at some point, the kids will be continued gone and the abode will be spotless and I’ll achievement addition comes over to comedy and blend it up. She said not to anguish about sleep, because one day I’ll be sleeping through the night and the kids will be out of the abode and I’ll ambition for the canicule area I snuggled my bairn at 3am. Could this BE added true? GAH.

Makes me appetite to bark my eyes out.