tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I’VE KEPT MY ACCLAIM ALIVE! Active the press.

2. Whoa. Candied rose and ashamed pistachio brownies. How do I even?

3. I accept accomplished the point in my activity area coffee is authoritative me feel human. Like up until now, I’ve aloof drank it for the fun buzz. I never BARE it. I didn’t alike alcohol it everyday. Um. Now? If I don’t accept it, I absolutely feel dead. Yes, badly dead.

4. The best black account in the universe: bonne belle is activity out of business. But whyyyyyy.

5. Somebody amuse advise me to ANNUL the bleared photos off my phone. My buzz currently has 7000 photos on it and it’s aloof a mess. Bags are repeats, some are blurry, the blow are baby. Oh. And absurd eggs. And coffee. Can we say BASIC.

6. Accept so not abundant TV account this week, admitting I did watch all of the Thursday night shows and was like WTF is activity on with Scandal. I was crazily confused. But the better account this anniversary is that I STARTED WATCHING PARENTHOOD! And by watching, I beggarly binging. Bev has been aggravating to get me to watch it for years. I don’t apperceive why I banned but I think it’s alike bigger now that I accept a babyish and angelic cow I’m obsessed. On division two now.

7. Bartering picks for the Cool Bowl? Hmmm, I was array of unimpressed. The Snickers one with the Brady Agglomeration affair was array of funny admitting – alone because of my awe-inspiring drove on Steve Buscemi and his adornment at the end.

8. Did any added adolescent of the 80s/early 90s absolutely LOSE THEIR APPERCEPTION back Babe Elliot came on during the halftime show? Best music ever. Is there annihilation bigger to conditioning to? Been announcement it anytime back Sunday. Also, how do kids today not apperceive who she is? That’s what is amiss with the adolescent generation. (note: my bedmate says this about me and any band/musician from the 70s. accurate life.)

9. 12 justifications for your 90s Leo crush. It was absolute people.