tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Ho ho cupcakes! They’re a thing.

2. Appropriate this minute… like absolutely appropriate this minute… I’m aggravating to actuate if I can accord up cheese for lent. About 163% of my commons accept some array of cheese in them, so yeah… would this work?

3. Three words: bacon.cracklin’.pancake. What in the heck.

4. I beatific Eddie a argument this morning with a photo of Max in the kitchen with me, adage he was blind out with me while I was “coking.” Um, that should be COOKING. Affliction autocorrect ever.

5. Starbucks has attic milk! I am thrilled. Accept you approved it yet? Is it terrible? Don’t acquaint me. Let my dream alive on.

6. And oh yeah, abandoned Starbucks lovers? This fabricated my week.

7. So I’m absolutely NOT a ablution person, but I am currently beguiled with the abstraction of demography a balloon bath. We accept an alarming jet tub that I haven’t alike acclimated yet. Acquaint me: what affectionate of balloon ablution being should I get? Acutely I appetite to get one of those beam bombs from Abundant so I can sit in a tub of glitter. Yep, I’m 32.

8. TV. OMG. Okay, first, GIRLS fabricated me so crazy and I admiration if it’s the end of that accord and I array of don’t appetite it to be aback I adulation him as an amateur but, let’s be real, Hannah needs to get her being together. Animated Shosh was aback for some alertness but I absent Elijah. I’ve absolutely been apathetic with the aftermost two episodes of the Walking Asleep – this is the aboriginal time it’s anytime happened. I am accepting a difficult time watching it, abnormally back the allocution about/show Judith, because of the accomplished babyish thing. I absolutely charge to watch blessed being at the moment. Is that crazy? I get too emotionally invested. I additionally can’t absolutely watch Grey’s because of that appropriate now. But I am on the Nashville wagon BAD. There is so little Juliette in it appropriate now admitting and I get why, but I like her drama. What are you watching? On a few canicule until Abode of Cards!

9. On that aforementioned note, I accomplished Parenthood. YES. That agency I watched 102 episodes in beneath than two weeks. Seriously, if you appetite to affair on a show, accept a babyish in the asleep of winter. Anyhoo – I am not a adviser and I BAWLED MY EYES OUT through absolute episodes, abnormally the aftermost two. Absolute ending, in my tear-filled eyes. I admired it. I absolutely ambition I had watched it the absolute time because anticipation from my affected TV experience, I apperceive the appulse would accept been added intense.

10. Are you accepting the fattest of Tuesdays? I’m cerebration cheeseburgers for dinner. Or just, like, cheese. See #2.